How To Lower Blood Alcohol Content

If you love parties and you like drinking, party time means alcohol drinks overflow! Alcoholic drinks are always served on parties and night outs. However, after the fun, most suffer from headache, dizziness and some even throw up because of too much alcohol. The content of alcohol in your blood has different effects. If alcohol in your blood is .029% or less, you will still act and feel normal. As the level goes up, you will see different effects in your reasoning, control of your movement and even memory loss. That’s why some people have no idea what they did when they were drunk. This is also the reason why the law prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol. There are some places that prohibit specific amount of alcohol in your system when driving. However, other places require zero alcohol when driving. The amount of alcohol in your blood can be tested. This is usually used for medical and legal reasons. The liver is responsible for eliminating alcohol in your blood. But this is done slowly. The kidney also helps in removing some of this. If you really feel bad after drinking a lot, there are ways on how to lower your blood alcohol content. Here’s how.

  • Eat before and while drinking. Before drinking alcoholic drinks, eat foods with high starch content. Make sure to eat some while drinking as well. Alternate this with drinking. The foods you take will absorb some of the alcohol making it possible for the liver to eliminate some of the amount of alcohol while some is being absorbed by the foods you eat. Crackers, bread and fruits are some of the foods that can help absorb the alcohol that you take.
  • Take your time. Take your time when drinking. You can party all night and there’s plenty of drink so there’s no need to rush when drinking. This will give more time for your liver to process the alcohol on your first sip. If you drink fast, your liver will have a hard time eliminating alcohol making the content of alcohol in your blood higher.
  • Drink plenty of water. You can alternate water and alcohol. Not only this will also give more time for your liver to process the alcohol that you take, this will also help your kidney to remove toxin in your blood.
  • Do not drink much if you’re tired. It’s better to take a rest first before drinking. If you really need to go to the party after a tiring day, make sure that you drink slowly. This is because your liver does not function properly if you’re tired. This means that it will not be able to eliminate alcohol well if you’re tired. The type of drinks that you take also affects your blood alcohol content. This is because drinks have different alcohol content and strength. The stronger the drink you take, the higher the alcohol level in your blood will be. If possible, go for lighter drinks.

Lower your blood alcohol level by being responsible when drinking. Remember, you will not be able to enjoy the party if you don’t even know what you’re doing anymore.


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