How To Lubricate and Hydrate to Prevent Dry Eyes

Moisture and hydration are very important to keep our bodies functioning well and smoothly. Water is a necessary ingredient in keeping the skin, hair, eyes and internal systems healthy and in prime condition. Lack of moisture or hydration causes quite a bit of damage to the body - some of it is visible and the rest is not. Dry eyes lead to extreme irritation, eye strain and cause further infections and conditions which may be harmful to our eyesight. Follow the steps described below to learn how to hydrate and lubricate your eyes and to prevent dry eyes.

Step 1

Drink lots of water. You would have heard this many times, but the fact remains that it is very true and very important. Make sure to drink a minimum of 6-8 tall glasses of water, if not more, throughout the day. If you are constantly on the move, keep a bottle of water handy and make sure to drink it, even if you don't feel thirsty. Other ways to keep the full body hydrated is to sip on fluids such as fresh fruit juices, tea or coffee (in moderate amounts), to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content, etc.

Step 2

Eye movements. Blinking regularly, not staring at a screen or object for two long and taking the time to rest your eyes periodically and doing some eye exercises are good methods to avoid dry eyes.

Step 3

Using contact lenses. When you leave in contact lenses for long periods of time, they become dry and irritate your eyes. Get into the habit of frequently removing and lubricating your contact lenses, preferably every 3-4 hours. Also, remove your contact lenses before you go to sleep, since prolonged wear can be damaging to the eye, firstly, by causing irritation and dry eyes, secondly, by fluid-build-up behind the eyeballs, causing infection or worse.

Step 4

Eye drops, etc. Before you use any medication for your eyes, such as eye drops, red-eye reducers, etc, take the advice of a good ophthalmologist. Medical advice should also be sought if you are in the habit of using artificial tears to lubricate your eyes, or if your tear ducts are blocked. For those with chronic dry eyes, doctors may prescribe lubricants or drops which need to be used frequently to keep the eyes hydrated. Always follow medical advice to the letter.

Keeping your eyes lubricated and hydrated is simple once you follow the suggestion discussed here. As always, prevention is better, so keep you body and eyes well hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, avoid eye strain by regular blinking and resting and exercising your eyes constantly.


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