How To Make Edible Massage Oil

Nothing destroys the sensual and heady feel of a good massage or rubdown than powder or lotion. Powder will make you sneeze while lotion leaves a sticky overpowering residue.

To make your massage a really enjoyable and relaxing interlude, it is best to make your own edible massage oil. The really great thing about making it yourself is it decreases your chances of getting allergies from products that may be hypoallergenic but masks ingredients that may eventually cause you to slowly develop allergies or worse, rashes. Furthermore, you know how you’d like to smell during and after a massage so it is advised that you make it your personal mission to make edible massage oil according to your personal taste. Remember though that edible massage oils can be very strong when you overdo it so take only a few drops of concentrated oil or extract. Since you are making something edible, dip your fingers in while whisking the ingredients so you can decide if you have too much or something that’s just right.

Here are some suggestions to get you on your way:

Pure Vegetable Glycerin Oil, Heady Vanilla and Yummy Honey

  1. In a bowl, spoon in equal amounts of pure vegetable glycerin oil, white vanilla extract, and honey. Mix with a whisk.
  2. Pour the mixture into an empty and unused bottle. Screw the bottle cap on tight until you are ready to use the contents.
  3. Use as edible massage oil.


  • Do not place this inside the fridge. You must always use a fresh batch prior to a massage.
  • Wrap yourself in a bathrobe after your massage so you do not leave residue or stain your furniture when moving or sitting about your house.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just use it straight from the bottle when getting a massage. It’s unscented but it will leave you with silky and glowing skin after.

Virgin and Young Coconut Oil

  • Simply heat up grated or shaved young coconut meat and young coconut milk until the oil is secreted. You will see that you are done when the oil has turned brown and it smells almost chocolaty.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Take an empty and unused bottle and pour in the coconut oil. Replace the bottle cap.
  • Use as edible massage oil.

This will keep for a month under room temperature away from light and extreme heat so you don’t have to worry about making it often. This will smell so yummy that you might not want to try different edible massage oils unless you run out of stock.
Fruity Apricot and Nutty Almond Oil

  • In a bowl, combine equal amounts of apricot and almond oil. Use a whisk to blend the flavors thoroughly.
  • Once you’re done, take an empty, unused bottle to store the mixture. Replace the cap on the bottle. Keep it under room temperature but out of direct exposure to extreme heat and sunlight.

Now that you have your edible massage oil, all that’s missing is some lit aromatherapy candles, and you should be on your way to a little piece of heaven.


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