How To Make Exercise a Daily Routine

Millions of people extol the benefits that exercising brings to their physical well-being. Exercise makes you healthier, younger, stronger, and alive. It makes you focus more, keeps you fit and trim and thereby enjoy life more.

Exercise helps the body fight viruses and prevents the occurrence of some diseases. With all the benefits that exercise brings to the body, more and more people are encouraged to take some form of exercise.

There are times though that it will require some more effort to do the training that you have been doing for some time. With the right approach, you can think of exercise as an investment on your body in a win-win situation. Your health is very important for your general well-being, and keeping healthy through exercise will help you reap long lasting rewards way beyond what you have invested.

Here are some ways for you to keep on track and make exercise a part of your daily habit.

  1. Check with your doctor and fitness instructor if you need to change your exercise regimen based on your physical condition, the areas that need focus and your work and daily routine.
  2. Make it your goal to make your exercise routine a part of your daily activities. Set aside a free day when you will not be doing any exercises, just like any workday.
  3. Set small achievable goals instead of major ones. In that way, you can see immediate results to keep you motivated to continue exercising.
  4. Find the right time for you to do your exercise. You can do your cardiovascular exercises in the morning before breakfast. It will boost your energy level and burn reserve fat faster. You will enjoy your breakfast more and be ready to face a full day ahead. If you cannot do your full routine at one go, then break it down so you can do different sets throughout the day and stick to it.
  5. Do some stretching exercises even when you are sitting in front of your desk or while watching TV. It keeps your circulation flowing and your limbs benefit from it after sitting still for so long.
  6. Substitute other forms of physical activities for regular exercise. Engage in physical activities that you like to do such as walking, jogging, gardening, swimming or maybe dancing. Even walking your dog is a form of exercise.
  7. Exercise with a friend. It can provide you with enough motivation to meet up and exercise together and enjoy the company at the same time. You can even engage in some friendly competition while going through your exercise routine. Turning it into an enjoyable social activity makes you forget that it is a training routine.
  8. Keep a record of your exercise plan, your achievements and failures so you can monitor your success, keep you motivated as you see the results, and exert more effort on the things that did not do well the first time.
  9. Vary your exercise routine so it does not become monotonous. It will also challenge your body to adapt to new routines and challenges.
  10. Treat your exercise routine as another physical activity that you enjoy doing. Do not turn it into a task that you have to do.

Define what your personal reasons are for exercising, and then challenge yourself to provide answers for your reasons. As you slowly incorporate these new physical activities into your lifestyle, you will realize that you will be able to exercise automatically.


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