How To Make Exercise Fun

Exercise is good for the human body. Exercising greatly improves your health and conditions your mind and body. There are two types of exercises: the physical and mental. Physical exercises focus on body movements like strengthening of muscles, weight loss, improving athletic skills and any activity that involves physical movement. While mental exercises improve your intellectual capability. You can engage in many different kinds of mental exercises, like playing “chess”, playing the number game or “sudoku” and many more.

Here are some ways to exercise with fun:

  1. Find an exercise partner – Pick someone who is fun to be with, is full of energy and who you look forward to spending time with. Your method of exercising with your friend will be livelier.
  2. Social group exercise – Engage in social, meaning “interactive” exercises. Enjoy the company of other people and have a physical or mental activity. A group exercise is a way to meet new people.
  3. Engage in sports – Get involved in playing a sport that you like. For example, playing basketball makes your lungs healthy and will help you become physically fit. This activity will help you maintain physical fitness and mental alertness.
  4. Use logic – Use books, the internet and other sources of reading materials to make stimulate your brain. Playing logic games such as “chess” greatly exercises your “IQ” or intelligence quotient.
  5. Maintain a steady weight – Be aware of your weight. This is one of the basic parts of your exercise routine that you need to improve and maintain. Maintaining a steady weight loss will make you happier.
  6. Mix exercise routines – In doing physical fitness routines, you can create a schedule that will keep you excited. For example, on Mondays you work on your abs, Tuesdays on your chest, Wednesdays on your back etc…
  7. Listen to music - Music will help keep your brain relaxed. It will also relieve stress. Try to download inspirational songs that will help you feel comfortable.
  8. Keep a relaxed state of being – Most of the time you would be busy and be engaged in work that has “stress”. Stress makes your body weak and lessens the alertness of the mind. Try to relax and take deep breathes.
  9. Use stress busters - Engage in stress-busting activities such as playing fun games, taking a vacation, spending time alone, going to a gym with your exercise partner or go fishing with your family and many more stress busting activities to lessen the daily stress that cause early death.

Exercising can improve your immune system and mental health. Performing daily exercises can help avoid illness and diseases as well. Exercise, have fun and enjoy the company. It will not only make you physically but mentally fit as well.


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