How To Massage the Feet to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, everyone will understand your complaints about the pain in your feet. The good news for you is that you do not have to suffer long from the pain and the difficulty in walking that this condition is giving you. With a simple massage, you can be relieved of the pain you are suffering from. So here, take note of these massage tips so you can use them when plantar fasciitis is attacking your foot again:

  • Prepare your body especially your feet for the massage. A clean body is necessary before a massage. Hence, get a warm shower prior to starting the massage. The shower can also help in relaxing the muscles for a more effective result in the end. If taking a shower sounds like impossible for you, simply soak your feet or just the affected foot in warm water with a few droplets of tea tree oil.
  • Position your hands to prepare for massaging the foot. You need both hands when massing your foot for the plantar fasciitis. Position each hand on both sides of the foot. Take note that both your thumbs must be positioned on your foot's sole.
  • Find the area of the foot where there is an inflammation. Use your fingers to locate where the inflamed part of your foot is. The inflamed area is usually around the part of your foot that is above the heel.
  • Start massaging the inflamed part of your foot. At this stage, apply pressure when you massage the foot. Massage with as much pressure as your foot can stand. Take note that if you are able to stand too much pressure in the area, the more the healing of the plantar fasciitis is stimulated by the massage. Once you have finished massaging the swollen part of your foot, you can proceed massaging the rest of your foot using your desired pressure. Take note that if it is the first time you are massaging your foot, it is best to begin with light pressure first.
  • Stretch your foot out as part of the massage. Once you have applied the needed pressure into the inflamed area, it is time to stretch your foot. Hold the bottom end of one foot with one hand while holding the toes with the other hand. Bend and stretch your foot out by pulling the toes out.
  • Get the help of a massage tool for this purpose. Get a foot massager or a golf ball to help you in massaging your foot to relieve it from the pain brought by plantar fasciitis. This massage activity is as simple as placing the tool on the floor area and then rolling the foot right over it. Perform this massage technique a few times per day. It is fine to take shorter sessions of this kind of massage than a long session in just one day. This kind of massage can be done together with the first massage technique or be its replacement. However, more often than not, the combination of both techniques works better for relieving yourself from the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis can bring out the greatest discomfort in your feet. However, suffering from pain does not mean that you have to endure it for a long time. With the proper massaging techniques, you can relieve yourself from the pain and not suffer that much in your feet again.


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