How To Naturally Cleanse a Body of THC in Marijuana

Smoking marijuana

If studies are to be believed, marijuana is one of the safest recreational drugs to use: there are very few side effects, and its addictive properties are highly debatable. However, since efforts to legalize this drug have not been successful in most countries, strict drug testing protocols have been enforced to ensure citizens avoid the use of marijuana. These drug tests look for the presence of marijuana’s active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) in blood, hair or urine. If you are looking to beat the drug test naturally, and are wary of using medicines and chemicals, here are some tips for you to cleanse that incriminating THC from your system.

  1. Avoid using quack herbal remedies. The search for the method to beating drug tests has spawned any number of herbal “detoxification products”, all which claim to be able to “naturally” remove the THC from your system within hours. These quack products should not fool you. These do not work, and can even potentially harm your body. THC is a highly lipid-soluble substance, and is stored in your fat cells – there is no remedy, herbal or otherwise, that can simply remove all the metabolites from your system.
  2. You can wait out the entire detox period. The cheapest and most simple solution is to wait for the THC to be naturally metabolized by your system. While there are individual variations in metabolic rate, most occasional users can get rid of the THC in their bodies within one to two weeks. Chronic users, on the other hand, may need up to six weeks to detoxify themselves. You should also take into consideration your body type when estimating the time it will take for the THC to be naturally removed from your system: if you are obese, you have a greater amount of lipids in your body, making it harder to remove the THC from your system.
  3. Exercise aggressively. Since THC is stored in adipose tissues, you can get rid of these metabolites by burning away your fat stores. Constant physical activity will target these fat cells and initiate faster metabolism of your THC reservoir. It is best to choose exercises that promote fat-burning: highly aerobic and cardiovascular exercises like jogging and swimming are recommended for increasing your fat burning. Hydrate your body to flush out the THC. You can also flush out the toxins by drinking large amounts of water. Some authorities recommend drinking one liter for every 15 kilos of body weight, while others just tell you to drink as much as possible. There are also variations regarding the start of the water therapy: some say that it should be done as early as possible, and some recommend intensive water therapy 36 hours before the drug test. It is important, however, to make sure you take extra doses of vitamin supplements several days leading up to the urine test. Urine that is obviously diluted will seem suspicious, so make sure your pee is nice and yellow by taking in those vitamins even days before your drug test.

While marijuana may be a safe and fun drug to use, authorities still frown upon its use. The best way to beat the system is to avoid placing yourself in situations where a drug test is required. However, if there is really no way you can get out of it, try the steps discussed earlier. Enjoy your 420!


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