How To Practice Healthy Eating on the Go

Life is all about Go - Go - Go! When the world is flashing in front of us and time is moving too fast to stop, eating healthy may seem like the hardest task on Earth. Even if you are on the go, eating healthy does not have to be that hard.

Step 1

Choose the lesser of two evils. When eating on the go, healthy food choices can be found at nearly every stop from the convenience store to the fast food restaurant. The key is to choose the best stop for your life on the go. Choosing between restaurants requires only a bit of foreknowledge. For instance, choosing from Taco Bell and McDonald's is not that hard when you know the menu selections.

Step 2

Think whole foods. Many healthy meals on the go include whole foods such as salads and grilled meats. Choosing baked, steamed or grilled foods are most often healthier than fried, or worse, deep fried. Instead of opting for the salad dressing, ask for a packet of lemon juice for your salad greens.

Step 3

Pack it up. When in doubt, keep food in your car at all times. A lunch box packed and stored in the car for meals on the go can include single serving tuna, whole grain bread, meal replacement bars and meal replacement shakes. There iare many healthy foods that require no refrigeration.

Your body, mind and spirit all depend on the foods you eat everyday. The healthier the foods consumed on the go, the better the body will react to daily stresses and illness prevention. Everything just works better when you make healthy food choices on the go.


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