How To Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by many factors, all of which result in joint pains. Here are some tips to help prevent experiencing arthritis:

Don't strain your joints and muscles repeatedly. If anything causes you to put stress upon your muscles and joints, avoid it, lessen it or change it. These include activities in your work, in school, at home or in other places. As much as possible, avoid doing heavy work and seek the help of other people, or use devices that will simplify your work.

Stay away from rigorous sports whenever you can. This could wear down your joints and cause arthritis. Wear protective attire when playing rough.

Avoid over exercising to prevent joint trauma. See to it however that you exercise every now and then because not moving your body will cause you to develop weak muscles and possibly, arthritis. Do cross-training programs, yoga and biking to increase joint flexibility, build healthy bones and cartilage and enhance muscle tone to prevent arthritis. Exercise regularly but not intensely for three days a week at thirty minutes each day.

Avoid overeating. If you maintain a normal weight, you will prevent arthritis in your joints that bear your body weight. Eat foods that have good amounts of complex carbohydrates. Stay away from salty, sugary, fatty and protein-rich food. 

Take supplements or nutrient-rich food regularly such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, phosphorous, selenium and others to strengthen your joints. This may also reduce joint inflammation, which results to arthritis. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that combats free radicals that may attack joint tissue and also cause cartilage to grow. Vitamin K helps in repairing and growing joint tissue. This is found in green and leafy vegetables. This vitamin is fat-soluble so add vegetable oil to improve absorption. Calcium and phosphorous together help build healthy bones. Milk and dairy products are good sources of these vitamins. Eat food rich in selenium to reduce joint inflammation. You could find these in sunflower seeds, nuts, shrimp, tuna, salmon and lamb.

Avoid drinking alcohol, too much stress, junk food and chemicals, which aggravate arthritis. Instead, maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water.

Drink plenty of water to lubricate your joints and make them more effective shock absorbers. Avoid drinking soda, tea and coffee because these will lessen water absorption and promote excessive water secretion, thus your joints may lose lubrication and be prone to damage.

Use assistive devices to make doing tasks easier and prevent putting strain upon your joints. There are many kinds available such as aids for reading, writing, eating and preparing food, hygiene, dressing up and others.

If you're carrying things with you, use bags that have shoulder straps. Never use your fingers to grasp a heavy object to avoid putting strain on your finger joints. As much as possible, avoid carrying heavy items. When you are lifting or bending over, bend your knees and not your waist.

There are many ways you can prevent arthritis but the best thing you can do is to live a healthy lifestyle. This way, you will have a healthier body and reduce the risk of other illnesses as well.


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