How To Prevent Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is when the circulation of blood becomes abnormal due to heart failure or blockage of the arteries in the heart. Experiencing cardiac arrest may lead to death. CPR is done to a person who in on cardiac arrest to resuscitate the heart. There are some preventive measures you can do to avoid going into cardiac arrest and ending your life early. In order to live a healthy life, you can do these activities.

Here are some ways on how you can prevent cardiac arrest:

  1. Exercise. One of the ways you can prevent cardiac arrest is to exercise regularly. Having an exercise regimen will be good for your body. You can do 30 minutes of exercise everyday and this is enough for you body. You can start by walking around your neighborhood or using a treadmill. When your body has adjusted to your exercise activity, you can start jogging.
  2. Lose Weight. If you are on the heavy side, it is time for you to lose weight. Fat can clog the arteries in the heart that can lead to cardiac arrest. If you have time, workout at the gym and get an instructor to work with you so that you know the proper way to do things. Also, have a proper diet. You can ask a nutritionist to give you the proper diet for your height and weight.
  3. Get Regular Check Ups. You must also go to regular check ups with your doctor so that you can make sure that everything in your system is okay. Some of the things that you can have checked are your blood pressure and your heart. If the doctor recommends something for you to do, follow the orders so that you can be healthier.
  4. Stop Vices. If you are a heavy drinker and smoker, now is the time for you to quit these vices. Having these toxins in your body can lead to other diseases that can lead to your death. Do not wait for yourself to get sick before you quit your vices.
  5. Have a Healthy Diet. Improve your diet by eating low fat food and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Avoid cholesterol rich food, sugars and increase your intake of fish. Some of the food that you can eat are oatmeal, boiled eggs, fresh fruit juices, fruits and chicken or fish. Avoid frying your meat and remember to remove the skin from the chicken.
  6. Don't Stress. Avoid stress. This can be another factor that can lead to serious ailments. Take time away from your busy schedule to relax and unwind. This will help you to think of other things for a while and lessen your stress.

These are the few things that you can do to avoid cardiac arrest. Having a healthy lifestyle does not only prevent cardiac arrest but also other deadly diseases that you can acquire if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember to drink vitamins so that your immune system will be stronger in preventing diseases from entering your system. 


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