How To Prevent Scarring

Tissue scar

To prevent scarring the most important treatment is to immediately and continually administer first aid to the cut or burn.  First, wash the area with hydrogen peroxide if it is a cut.  For burns you will want to wash with cool water and a mild soap.  Apply an antibiotic ointment several time a day during the entire healing process.

  • Apply Vitamin E oil a couple times a day.  Vitamin E oil not only will help prevent scarring, but make scars disappear.  You can purchase Vitamin E oil in capsules which you will have to cut open and drop the oil on the wound area, or you can purchase bottles of Vitamin E oil over-the-counter at a drug store.  Rub the oil gently into the wound.
  • As the wound is healing an important process to prevent scarring is not to pick at the scab which forms.  Picking at the scabs will not only increase the scarring effect but will make the scar bigger.
  • If the wound has a gap, use a butterfly bandage which can be purchased over-the-counter at local pharmacies to pull the skin together.  However, if the laceration is a deep gap, you probably need to seek medical attention and get stitches.
  • The juice from an Aloe plant is another great source for preventing scarring from both burns and cut wounds.  Have Aloe planted around your home in several places or have some potted plants in your house.  Break off a leaf and peel.  Apply generous amounts of the Aloe sap to the wound several times a day.  Place any remainder parts of the Aloe leaf in a plastic bag and refrigerate till you reapply it to the wound.
  • When you are washing or taking a bath, be gentle around the wound area to prevent scarring.  Aggressive rubbing or using a wash cloth can reopen the wound delaying healing and increasing the chance of scarring.  This also applies when drying off after your bath or shower.  Take it easy with the towel and dab the wound area with the towel, do not rub.
  • Sun block lotion will also help prevent scarring.  First, many of these products contain moisturizers and they also prevent the wound area from being further damaged by the sun.

Remember too even if you do end up with a scar, most scars usually disappear over a period of time.



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