How To Provide On-Site Massage Therapy for Your Clients

The corporate world can be very tough. It is a constant rat race to appease and satisfy clients and your boss. You have to undergo many stressful situations involving your co-workers and the management.  It's no wonder why many employees frequently grow tired and stressed out. All these can take a toll on your body. Can you imagine bringing aromatherapy and other therapeutic massage into the workplace? Yes, it is possible. This is called on-site massage therapy.

So how could you get started in providing on-site massage therapy? First of all, it's important that you get training in massage therapy and aromatherapy. Look up courses at your local community college. Some of the accredited massage therapy classes include the American Institute of Massage Therapy (Florida), Arizona School of Massage Therapy (Arizona), Baltimore School of Massage (Maryland and Pennsylvania), and the Denver School of Massage Therapy (Colorado). For a complete listing of massage therapy colleges, look up There are also online courses available, which allow you to earn your certification in massage therapy in as little as four months, and with a tuition fee of about $49 a month. Check out the following Web sites for your online degree options: and Contact your state's professional board to inquire about the requirements and tests you'd have to undertake in order to become a licensed massage therapist.

Apart from acquiring certification, you could also acquire further training on bodywork and massage therapy through available online tutorial videos. Try looking for them at YouTube and You would definitely benefit from all the different massage and bodywork techniques you would learn even during your spare time. Check out to help you get an overview of the different massage techniques as well as the different massage equipment and products that you'd need.

Speaking of massage tools and equipment, this is another aspect that you would definitely have to prepare for. Some of the tools that you'd need include a massage stool and table, towels, massage cushions, relaxation CDs and massage oils, creams and lotions.

A word about massage oils, creams and lotions - there are so many kinds and varieties available, such as those made of the essence of almond, jojoba, hazelnut, and so many others. Make sure that you know the different properties of these oils, and the benefits that they give. This would allow you to give the specific oil that your client needs. Make sure also that your client is not allergic to the oil that you apply to them.

Make sure that you check out your state's requirements on how to set up a business. Remember to start small one way is by going to one office and then setting up a client base there. Succeeding as a massage therapist would mean having many satisfied clients, so make sure that you have rapport with your clients, no matter how small in number they are. Start also with the most basic equipment, and once your business expands, that's the time you can add up to your tools gradually.

The most important thing about providing on-site massage therapy is to be very professional. Come on time, have adequate tools, be updated on the different massage techniques, and deliver the relaxation and ease that your client expects. And have fun with your craft! There's nothing like having a career that you love, and helping other people too. Good luck!


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