How To Reduce a Fever

The human body has a built in defense mechanism that allows it to stave off and fight any infection threatening it. Whenever this happens a fever will usually be triggered, which is a clear sign that the body is furiously fighting an infection within. A fever is perfectly normal and is a natural response of our body to infection. However, if a simple fever is not treated and taken care of, it could lead to other complications that no one would ever want to experience. There are several tricks you can use to reduce and get rid of a fever.

  1. Get plenty of rest. Whenever anyone is afflicted with a fever, any doctor will always recommend a lot of bed rest. The human body needs to recuperate and the best way to encourage it is through rest. If you have contracted a fever, get a lot of bed rest. Make sure to lie down on the bed and stay there until your fever has reduced or subsided.
  2. Drink a lot of fluids. Physicians will recommend that anyone suffering from a fever will need to drink tons of water to help the body sustain its fight against infection. During a fever, the body can greatly dehydrate which will hamper the cells from performing its regular function. Drinking a lot of H2O will hydrate and strengthen your body cells. You can drink a lot of fruit juices heavy with vitamin C that can significantly assist your body in its fight.
  3. Eat, eat, and eat. Anyone suffering from a fever will tend to lose his appetite leading to low food consumption. Low levels of feeding can deprive the body from the important nutrients and minerals that your body needs to regenerate. It is critical that you eat foods that are high in protein, fiber, calcium, and carbohydrates.
  4. Take medication. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are some of the leading medication to treat the common fever. Taking these regularly can break and reduce a fever quickly. Combined with bed rest, fluid intake, and food consumption, medication will surely reduce the fever in no time.
  5. Soak in a lukewarm bath. The conventional belief that soaking in a cold bath to cool your body can greatly reduce a fever. The reality is that this belief can actually assist the fever in developing to something more serious. Instead, soak your body in lukewarm water and it should reduce the body’s stress and heat.
  6. Cool certain parts of the body. Many studies have shown that the forehead, neck, wrist, and feet are the parts of the body that control temperature. When a fever strikes, these body parts tend to heat up. To reduce a fever, cool this down with a damp towel or cloth. This will reduce the heat and prevent it escalation.
  7. Contact a physician. If you have done all these strategies in combination and the fever still persists or may seem to be getting worse, then it may be time to contact and consult a physician for a checkup. Try to have your physician come for a home visit if possible. However, it may be better to check into a hospital to get premium care.

Fevers are normal and usually not serious afflictions. However, if not treated properly, fever can develop into more complicated conditions that can even lead to death. Make sure to practice these strategies and consult a physician as soon as you can when a fever strikes.


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