How To Remove Objects in the Eye

Getting something in your eye can be extremely painful – whether it is a small piece of dirt or a corrosive liquid. Eyes need to be treated very carefully, so follow these steps to remove objects from your eye.

  1. Blink. For small particles – a grain of sand or an eyelash – the eye's natural lubrication can often take care of the situation. Blink several times in a row to see if the object in the eye becomes dislodged.

  2. Do not rub. Rubbing your eyes while there is something in them can cause an infection and scratch the cornea, which will leave you in pain for a lot longer!

  3. Try to remove contact lenses. If you are able, take out your contacts.

  4. Rinse the eye. For stubborn objects in the eye, blinking won't do the trick. Hold your eyelid open under running water to gently remove the object. If you have an eyedropper, that can be easier to use.

  5. Never use tweezers. You could seriously damage your eye by using any kind of hard object such as toothpicks or tweezers to remove objects.

  6. Try a Q-tip on the whites of your eyes only. Very carefully, touch a wet cotton swab to the object only if it is on the white part of your eye.

  7. Never remove an embedded object from your eye. If you have an object actually stuck in your eye, cover your eye with a paper cup or something of a similar shape, and seek medical attention immediately. Removing it yourself will probably cause further damage.

  8. Seek medical attention. Seek emergency medical care if you have gotten dangerous chemicals in your eye or if the object is embedded. In addition, if you have vision problems or pain after the object in the eye is removed, seek medical attention.

You can also reduce irritation and damage to your eyes by always washing your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes, and by not rubbing your eyes.


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