How To Repair a Broken Eyeglass Frame

An eyeglass frame is the most essential accessory, if one uses glasses to help protect eyesight and read better. Be it your reading glasses or sunglasses, have you ever come across a situation where they were broken and you had to manage without them? For all you know you may end up paying a lot of money to get it fixed through an external source or pick up a new pair. And to add to the misery, the new frame may not suit your look or may be uncomfortable during the initial period of use. Avoid such hazards by following a few simple steps to repair a broken eyeglass frame on your own.

Tools required:

  • Clear Nail Polish/Remover
  • Orthodontic Rubber bands
  • Magnifying Glass
  • A Runny/Cyano-acrylate Based Glue
  • Cotton Swabs/toothpick
  • Eyeglass Repair Kit or Miniature Safety Pin
  • Pliers with Tape On Tips

Types of repairs:

  • If the hinge is stretched out - Use pliers as listed in the ‘tools required' section above so that the frames are not nicked or otherwise damaged. Push the hinge gently back into place, use an orthodontic rubber band (these are readily available at any dentist) or the smaller rubber ring (included in the eyeglass repair kit) to hold the loose hinge in place.
  • If the screw is loose - Tighten any loose screws with the screwdriver provided in the repair kit. Another alternative is to use the flat tip of a knife to tighten the screws.
  • If the screw is lost - This one is simple; all you will need to do is replace it with a screw available in your eyeglass repair kit. You could also use a miniature safety pin to hold the eyeglass frame together. Ensure you do not force the screw into the hole as this could damage the strip of threads inside the eyeglass frame. Using a little clear nail polish to hold and tighten the hinge screw will also be helpful.
  • If the metal hinge is broken - Ensure you clean both surfaces by washing and scraping off any paint or old glue. With the use of a toothpick, dab some glue to each surface, and fix together and hold for about 60 seconds for the glue to dry.
  • If the earpiece keeps slipping off or is broken - Attach the loose or broken earpiece using any thin cyano-acrylate glue. Ensure you use an acetone based nail polish remover in case the glue sticks to your skin.


It is necessary you find the damage before you start working on it, be it a small screw that is loose or lost, a broken or a stretched out hinge. Ensure you have a supply of tools to repair your broken eyeglass frame.

There are three Cs which hold the secret to good gluing: Cleaning, Clamping and Curing. It is necessary to own an eyeglass repair kit, readily available online or at hardware or drugstores. This helps fix the minute repair problems you may face with your eyeglass frame. The simplest eyeglass repair kit contains one metal screwdriver and hinge screws for frames that are most commonly used. You will also need to ensure you do not use fast bonding glue to fix your lenses in place as you will not be able to remove them in the future. Avoid smearing any of the glue on your skin, eyes or ears, if you do, wash the affected area immediately with lots of cold water, then consult a physician ASAP. Clean your eyeglass frame with alcohol and a soft cloth on a regular basis, ensuring you place them in a case when not in use. This will ensure long lasting usage.

So if you wake up one day to find your eyeglass frame broken or lose, you now know exactly how to repair your broken eyeglass frame!


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