How To Select a Contact Solution for Sensitive Eyes

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Do you need contact lenses but have sensitive eyes? Or do you have these lenses but you are getting allergies from contact solution? Well, it’s about time to end this nightmare. You only need to get a contact solution that is perfect for your sensitive eyes. This is to make sure that you will not get any eye complications from these solutions.

Now, the question here is how you can be able to select the best one for your contact lenses. Don’t worry. Here are some of the ways to help you choose the right contact care solution for you:

  • Drops. In cases when your concern is about eye dryness while having contact lenses, it is best to get a contact drop to moisturize the eyes. This is best to be used since this doesn’t hurt your sensitive eyes as well as your contact lenses.
  • Saline solution. Since this soft solution is needed for rinsing and storing the contact lenses, it is a must that you have this with you. However, there is a known preservative added to it known as thimerosal, which is the common cause of allergies like irritation, itching, and burning of the eyes. Therefore, if you have sensitive eyes, you need to specifically pick this salt soft solution that is labeled thimerosal-free. Just be reminded that this product has an expiration date so you need to use it before that time.
  • Enzymatic cleaning tablets. The contact lenses need to be freed from any protein in it at least once a week. In this case, these tablets are needed to do this function. Since this is mostly used with saline solutions, you just need to use the thimerosal-free ones for your sensitive eyes.
  • Multi-purpose solution. This is one of the most popular contact care solutions used by a lot of people. This is because it is an all-in-one contact complete solution that can be used in total convenience. However, do not ever use this kind for your sensitive eyes. This solution contains preservatives such as thimerosal that can cause complications to your eyes.

More than these facts about most common eye solution for you to use, you also need to be reminded of these following facts:

  • Always consult a medical professional when choosing a care solution for your eyes and your contact lenses. They very well know which one is best and the ones that can only cause harm.
  • Always buy contact complete solution that is labeled preservative-free. This is to ensure that you will not have any troubles when it is applied to your sensitive eyes.
  • Know what the reason behind your allergy is. If that happens, you can easily choose contact solution products without the ingredient that causes irritation of your eyes.

With all these things, it is very important that you consider this as a serious task. You need to select the proper contact solution for your sensitive eyes to avoid any problems. So make this as your assignment and make sure you got all the answers right.


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