How To Spot the Signs of Meth Abuse

One of the big social problems in America and everywhere in the world is substance abuse. This malady continues to ruin the lives of many people young and old alike but despite measures taken by authorities to stop it, the problem cannot be totally abated.

Crystal meth abuse is one of the most common form of drug addictions in the United States. Crystal meth or simply known as meth, at first use, makes one feel super alert and active as well as shakes off inhibitions from a person. Addiction to this substance usually starts from a need to boost the energy especially when a person has to stay awake and be productive for long hours. However, with occasional use, the person starts to get addicted and soon he begins to show signs of dependence. You can tell whether a person is addicted to meth with the following signs:

  • An extreme rush in energy. The person demonstrates impulsive behavior and is randomly active at different times of day. He is often restless and moves about in an absent minded manner and talks animatedly though the topic needs serious tone. His voice usually cracks and his speech is loud and incoherent. He also tends to blurt out words – such that he gets quiet one second and then abruptly becomes over loquacious the next minute.
  • Varying moods. When a person who is addicted to meth is not able to take his usual dose, he easily gets irritable and angry. Along with this mood, he also perspires a lot and sometimes becomes shaky when his body starts to crave for the substance. He then loses all reason when the craving escalates and will do anything – beg, steal, or even hurt other people just to satisfy his want for the drug.
  • Paranoia. A crystal meth abuser is often afraid that someone is hunting him down or going to catch and hurt him. The guilt and knowledge that he is dependent on the drug makes the person over conscious of how people react to him. At times when he is low - his sense of judgment becomes skewed that he thinks everyone he encounters suspect he is into drugs. Because of this, he begins to avoid associating with friends and even family.
  • Loss of appetite. With habitual use, meth dampens a person’s taste buds and he starts to eat less frequently. This explains why drug addicts are usually thin and haggard looking.
  • Insomnia. Meth keeps a person awake for longer periods of time. As a result, he often feels depressed and sluggish especially when the drug becomes a staple “nourishment” for him – such that there is not a day that he is on the substance.
  • Uncontrollable sex urge and violent tendencies. When the drug grips the user, he may forget all his right sense and logic. His sexual stamina becomes insatiable and he tends to be violent when not able to gratify his lust.
  • Convulsions, hallucinations, disoriented state and coma. These signs occur in overdose cases. The longer a person uses meth, the less gratification he gets from it. Hence he will try to increase the dosage each time to attain the ultimate effect. 

The only cure for meth abuse is for the person to undergo rehabilitation. So if you spot someone who is addicted to this stuff, try to help him out by reporting his case to proper agencies. Meth addicts become liabilities to society and they eventually evolve to be dangerous people with criminal tendencies. Hence everyone must take responsibility in apprehending meth users and help them quit drugs so they can go back to normal life.


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