How To Stay Hydrated

In this day and age the problem isn't so much keeping the body hydrated. The problem is what to drink to keep hydrated. The list of hydrating liquids is endless. The best way is the natural way--drinking water. What gets to be confusing is what is the proper amount. Some physicians will state that we need 8 cups (8 oz. each) a day and others will state that the body knows when it needs liquids and lets us know by "telling" us we are thirsty. It has been proven that good old tap water is just as good or in some cases even better than bottled water. There have been studies which prove this--look it up! Another theory is that if you're feeling like you need a snack when you just had a meal, you should go have a glass of water. That will usually take care of the urge to eat. The theory is, that most of the time when we have a snack attack, what is really happening is our thirst level has gone down and needs to be taken care of. Here are some tips on how to keep your body hydrated.

If water isn't something you particularly enjoy drinking--you can have juice in moderate amounts. Juices are loaded with natural sugars which aren't necessarily good for you in large amounts. If you wish, mix 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of orange juice with 4 oz. of club soda or ginger ale. You now have a relatively healthy carbonated beverage with flavor and a smaller amount of sugar.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking coffee or tea can count toward your daily fluid intake for keeping the body hydrated. Yes, it has caffeine which is a diuretic. You can opt for decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas, however if you rely on coffee for its caffeine--drink one or two cups and call it a day. Usually a cup in the morning and one in early afternoon are sufficient and won't keep you awake when you are ready for sleep.

If you grew up drinking milk you should add that to your list of hydrating liquids. It can be as whole or as skim as you wish and it is a source of protein. If you put milk on your cereal, you have now had one serving of hydrating liquid.

When you saunter down the grocery store aisle that features drinks you can choose from powdered drink mixes, carbonated beverages, sports drinks, canned lemonade and endless choices of bottled water. When you are done in that aisle take your cart over to the soup aisle. Once there you will notice the choices offered. Two of the items in the soup aisle are beef and chicken broth. These are great for hydrating our body when it is ill and nothing else will stay down.


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