How To Stay in Good Health

Health is Wealth. This old adage is probably one of the best that has ever been said. Good health can save you a good amount of money by looking your best, feeling young and resisting diseases. Having good health means more energy to get your work done and more years to spend with your family. The quest to be healthy is being promoted everywhere, why don't you join them?

Here's how to stay healthy:

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables. When you were a child, your parents always told you to get your fill of those leafy green vegetables or eat apples till you wonder why they insist on it. This is something you should never fail to recall. Fruits and vegetables are high in good vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants and disease fighting elements. You should keep this in mind for your future kid's health as well. Eating healthy can benefit everyone.
  2. Get enough sleep. Working for 48 hours or working the night shift can take its toll. You may not feel it now but you will see its effects when you get older. Sleeping is vital for the muscles and almost every part of a human being's system to replenish what has been used in every way. If you do need to work that extra time, make sure you get that extra shuteye to make up for what was lost.
  3. Exercise. Exercise is not just for looking good in clothes. It is to ward off most diseases and be in the best health. It can improve your immune system and fight against bone loss. Finding those thirty minutes to be set aside for this could be quite easy once you set your mind to do it. Do it in the morning when your energy is at its peak.
  4. Take herbal supplements or multivitamins. Sometimes what you eat cannot provide you with enough good nutrition, grab that multivitamin or that supplement approved by your doctor. It truly helps in making you healthier inside and out.
  5. Stop too much drinking and smoking. You have been warned in more ways than one on TV, online and constant advertisements. Too much is way too bad. It can cause cancer, liver disease and addiction. Try to quit as early as you can.
  6. Don't forget to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Some ill patients surprisingly feel better and even recover just by having laughter therapy. It relieves stress. It makes you look better. Laugh some more.
  7. Get an annual physical exam. Diseases that are discovered earlier have greater chances of being cured. Get a check up even if you feel you are perfectly healthy. Use your health insurance card. Be aware of your body. If something is amiss, go to your doctor. It helps to be vigilant about your health.

Good health can be achieved by your determination to live longer and have a healthier lifestyle. Life is a gift, take good care of it. Do your part in making sure that the life given to you is not wasted.


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Well said, many people tend to overlook 2 & 4

By eva milifsens

you summarized all the importants points about staying healthy, and very well written, thanks

By Anonymous