How To Stop Cracking Knuckles

Millions of people suffer from the nervous habit of cracking their knuckles.  Even though they know it is not good for their body, they still continue to do it, and often have no way of knowing how to stop.  Sometimes it gets so bad that they don't even know they are cracking their knuckles, and have to be told by friends and family to stop.  While there is no drug to make you stop cracking your knuckles, there are ways to help ease the temptation of cracking your knuckles.

Step 1

What is the cause?  The first thing you need to do in order to stop yourself from cracking your knuckles is figure out what is the source of the nervousness or anxiety.  Cracking your knuckles is a nervous reaction to something you are encountering, and you must find the issue. 

Step 2

Be aware.  Many people who have a nervous tick such as cracking their knuckles often times don't even realize that they are doing it.  Well if you don't know you are cracking your knuckles, how are you ever going to stop?  Make sure you start to be aware of what you are doing and realize the temptation before you do it.

Step 3

Support.  If you are having trouble controlling the urge or you continue to fail to realize that you are cracking your knuckles, you may need to look for a support system.  Tell friends and family about your bad habit and ask them to help you notice it.  Make sure you ask people who are going to be positive and don't become a negative influence that could prolong your bad habit.

Step 4

Find a distraction.  Someone who suffers from cracking his or her knuckles by habit may suffer from boredom more than anything.  Instead of sitting around looking for something to do, find a hobby or activity that can take your mind off any stress or boredom.  Being active is a great way to keep yourself occupied and your mind relaxed. 

Step 5

Be patient.  Finally, you must be patient with yourself.  Just like any other habit, cracking your knuckles may be hard to overcome at first, but with time can be cured.  Don't expect to stop cold turkey, but rather allow yourself time to overcome the habit and gradually stop from doing it.

Cracking your knuckles is going to be a difficult thing to overcome, but there are positive ways to conquer the habit.  Make sure you have a positive attitude and a good support system that will help you be successful. 

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