How To Stop Cravings and Lose Weight

What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

When you have a craving for certain foods, I'll bet you feel that you must have that food and nothing else will do. I understand because I've been addicted to certain foods and I felt the same way. But what happens after you eat that food you crave? You want something else, right? You can go from French fries, to sweets, to chips and pretty soon you're stuffed, but you still have those cravings. By following these simple steps, you can get control of your eating and give your body what it needs and better interpret the signals you're getting from your body.

Step 1

Understand your cravings are the body's confusion due to a need for specific vitamins or minerals. The body sends out a very strong request for you to eat NOW! You fall back to your favorite foods, which might be French fries or snack foods. Break your addition to fried foods, red meat, and sugar by eating things that are really good for you in place of the item you're craving.

Step 2

Eat better foods.  Every day eat whole, natural foods full of the vitamins and minerals you need. Processed foods contain so many chemicals that are really bad for your body. They have so little real nourishment that you can be stuffed on junk food while your body is literally starving for nutrition. When you change what you eat, you'll soon see that you no longer crave chocolate, pizza or French fries.

Step 3

Eat more often.  Eat six smaller, very nutritious meals throughout the day so your body doesn't have to use the craving reflex to get nourishment because you are supplying healthy eating choices all day long.

Step 4

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