How To Stop Snoring: 5 Best Ways

Do you feel tired every day because you kept waking up all night? Is it because you’re snoring? Is it because the person you sleep with is snoring? Is it because you’re both snoring?

This is not a small matter. It’s not just making a funny noise while you sleep. It is an actual illness that can lead to a whole host of illnesses.

People who chronically snore suffer from irritability, tiredness, an inability to make coherent thoughts, drowsiness, reduction in productivity, and more extreme problems such as heart disease and cancer.

So how do you reverse it? How do you prevent it from happening? What are the best ways to stop snoring?

It really depends on the severity. If you are suffering from severe sleep apnea then you may need to consult a physician. There is really nothing that you can do to reverse this on your own.

If you are a mild snorer then there are things that you can do to eliminate or at the very least, reduce your snoring.

Step 1

If you are overweight then try to lose some weight. Being overweight can cause you to snore. One of the main reasons is that the heavier weight can weigh down on your airway.

Step 2

Changing your pillow. Try removing your pillow as it may cause your head to be at an awkward angle. If you can’t bear to sleep without a pillow try purchasing a contoured one.

Step 3

Quit drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol relaxes your muscles, and relaxing your neck muscles can lead to snoring.

Step 4

Don’t take antihistamines or sleeping pills to fall asleep. If you are having trouble sleeping then do NOT take sleeping pills. Try limiting your caffeine intake, exercising, and changing your diet. Also, try and avoid antihistamines. Both these and sleeping pills will relax your muscles and this causes snoring.

Step 5

Try not to sleep on your back. Do everything you can to avoid sleeping on your back. If you sleep in bed with someone they can roll you over, but if you sleep by yourself you can try and put a pillow on each side of you. This should prevent you from rolling over.

These are some of the best ways to stop snoring. Of course there are other things you can do. For instance there are many anti-snoring products on the market that can help you greatly reduce your snoring. Try looking into an anti-snoring chin strap. These lightweight devices are soft and comfortable and can open your airwaves, which greatly reduces your snoring.

The Stop Snoring Chin Strap

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