How To Take a Fasting Blood Sugar Test

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Blood glucose slightly increases after eating because the body processes the necessary nutrients during a meal. Glucose comes from any food that has carbohydrates, the main energy source of the body. Fasting for a blood sugar test is necessary to keep your body clear of immediate reactions from any sugar intake you may have had in the past eight hours. In a sense, it helps your body be honest with the test. A blood sugar test is needed for either a glucose test or a diabetes test. So whichever test you need this for, here are some things you have to keep in mind if you are going to take a blood sugar test.

  1. No food or water intake for eight hours. This is a strict rule that you have to follow when undergoing this kind of blood sugar test because it contributes to making the test more effective. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight before your test. By saying ‘anything’ it means any type of food or anything that you consume or will have to digest. This includes chewing gum, coffee, mint candies and other small snacks. If you want to have an accurate reading on your sugar level, make sure to follow this.
  2. No smoking. It is sometimes said that smoking can help you ease the hunger you are feeling, but you have to restrain yourself from smoking in next eight hours until your test. Smoking affects carbohydrate metabolism, and it in turn affects your glucose level. If you feel that you won’t be able to refrain from smoking for eight hours, the next best thing you can do is sleep off the cigarette craving. You can also consult with your doctor on what can be done about this or if you could take an alternative blood test.
  3. Take note of exemptions. If you have medications you have to take in the morning, consult with your doctor if you are allowed to take them before the test. If your medicines will not affect the reading of your sugar levels and you are approved to take them, be sure to only take a minimal amount of water.
  4. Consultation. If you have other questions regarding the procedures of fasting for a blood sugar test, make sure to consult a specialist, specifically your doctor who requested the test. You may also want to consult your other doctors who have prescribed other medicines just to be safe with the procedure.

You can go back to your usual diet after the test, but be sure to come to your appointment with the doctor once he informs you that the results have been sent to him. You will be able to see if your sugar levels are in the normal range. With this, your doctor can see if he will have to give you other medications or to stop your medication. A change in diet might also be advised, but this depends on what is found on your sugar blood test.


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