How To Teach an Autistic Child Life Skills

An autistic child is one that has a communication disorder. It should be noted though that all children with autism have communication disorders but not all children with communication disorders have autism. A child suffering from autism is akin to a child contained in a huge box along with a certain object. The object referred may be a matter, interest or activity. In other words, there is no other person or matter that a child is connected to other than the object. This characteristic has become the reason why an autistic child fails to develop life skills the way a normal child does. It is, in fact, a common misnomer that a child with autism is not capable of acquiring and learning life skills. Every autistic child is capable of learning life skills, if you would just know how to teach him. Below are ways on how to teach an autistic child life skills.

Release the child from his own world. This step requires professional help. This would require assistance from psychologists, psychiatrists and Special Education (SPED) teachers. The best advice to this step is to enroll the child to SPED schools. But if any other cases arises in which the child not possibly be handled by professional assistance, you can release the autistic child through your own effort. Remember that an autistic child is always connected to a certain matter, interest or activity. Use the object to communicate with the child. In this process you will notice that once that object (which could be a matter, interest or activity) is removed, a great despair would be noticed from the autistic child. When the object is lost or removed, replace it with other objects to which you want the child to be related into. Put in mind that the act of disconnecting the child from a former object that he is attached to, is like opening the door of his own world. Through this, the autistic child will be introduced to a new world where he could become more normal.

Start teaching him or her the way you would teach a normal child. Once the child is released from his own world, it would be easier to teach him the basic skills in life. This is because the child is now more open to other things. Always remember that the only hindrance from learning life skills is his being close to a world that he can only understand. Just like when teaching a 4 year-old child the basic skills in life, the autistic child will now be capable to do the same regardless of his chronological age. But always remember that an autistic child’s learning capabilities are lower than the usual, so there will always be a higher demarcation of the things the autistic child may learn.

The reason an autistic child fails to learn life skills like other children do, is because of his communication problems. If you were to teach an autistic child to learn life skills, you would have to address this communication problem first. But the more important thing is that you should believe that he could do things the way a normal child does. And everything goes from there.


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