How To Time Manage for Better Health

Do you get stressed out because there are not enough hours in the day? Do you skip workouts and sleep because you barely enough time for your job as it is? Are you frustrated all the time because you never get to accomplish anything?

Lack of time is a result of poor scheduling and allocating too many activities in one day. To have a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips to manage your time:

  1. Schedule your daily, weekly and monthly activities. Get a planner or electronic organizer, list all the errands you have to do for the day, week, month and year, then schedule them. Don’t do all the important tasks within a narrow timeframe, pace them out so you have things to do every week.
  2. Avoid deviating from your schedule. There will always be that friend, colleague or relative who will call, text, IM or approach you with some favor to ask or time to kill. While technology allows us to communicate with one another more conveniently, it also eliminates any excuse not to be distracted by one another. Solution? Simply keep your ring tone to silent. If they persist, they will try to reach you through email to text, which you can then respond at your own leisure.
  3. Cut off the TV from your schedule. Two words: DVD sets. TV will force you to submit to their schedule of programming; even worse, all those commercials are lost minutes of your time. Buy the DVD collection of your favorite shows and watch them one hour at a time while you sweat it out on the exercise bike or treadmill.
  4. Set at least an hour for workout. Workouts not only keep the body fit in this desk-bound world, it also lets your mind rest. Find a gym close to your workplace or home for convenience. If you want to reduce your transportation and preparation time, try jogging around your neighborhood. And finally, see if you can bike or skate to work. Combining exercise with mobility is not only healthier, but a greener way to live, as well.
  5. Allocate enough sleep time. Sleep can take up one-third of the day, and it seems so unproductive to some people. However, sleep will let you regenerate your mind and body, and let you be more productive during your waking hours due to a fresh attitude. Get to bed early, sleep for eight hours, and then wake up before the sun rises for exercise, meditation or scheduling for the day.
  6. Make leisure time a physical activity. Instead of playing board games with the family, why not go bowling?
  7. Use vacation time. Taking a break from work relieves the stress of office life and gives you a fresh perspective. If you want a healthier vacation, try an activity like hiking or some other outdoor sports.

Trying to accommodate a lot of activities in a day will not only leave you frustrated, it will also affect the quality of the results for each activity. Work your schedule around the top five things you want to accomplish, reject or delegate less important activities, refuse off-schedule requests if you can and make time for exercise and sleep. This will ensure you have the right attitude for a productive day.


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