How To Treat Pain from a Broken Tailbone

When you suffer from a broken tailbone, struggles do not just come at the moment you acquired that injury or at the time the doctors were treating you. Struggle from pain may extend all the way until you have fully recovered. So if you are experiencing broken tailbones, below are ways on how to treat the pain coming from it.

  • Take pain relievers. When you have a tailbone injury, you have most likely been taken to a doctor for a medication and treatment. When you are treated, grab this chance to ask the doctor who attended to prescribe you a medication that can take care of the pain. Bear in mind that even after receiving a treatment, you would continue to feel the pain. So at best, do not wait to be at home before you do something about that pain. But when it happens, for one reason or another that you did not get a chance to ask your doctor for a pain medication, you can go to the nearest pharmacy and purchase an over-the-counter pain reliever. If you were unable to move, it would be better to just ask somebody to do it for you.
  • Understand the pain. You have to know why you are experiencing the pain. Observe that pain becomes more apparent when you are sitting. This is because sitting makes the broken tailbone absorb all the weight and pressure from the upper part of the body. To curb the pain when you are sitting, you have to avoid hard surfaces. Sit on soft chairs or use cushions when you sit. Soft surfaces would actually absorb the pressure from the upper body, thereby lessening the pain you feel when sitting. It would also be good to check out the stores for a special kind of cushion that could direct the pressure from your broken tailbone to the butt.
  • Use a special chair. Sometimes if the tailbone is broken too badly, soft cushions and even the special ones are just not enough to relieve the pain you are feeling. When this happens, you may consider buying a specially designed chair that could lessen the pressure sent to your broken tailbone when you are sitting. You may need to stretch your budget a bit farther but at this point, money may not be an issue at all if what it can provide is comfort and less pain. This kind of chair is available in the different health or therapy boutiques.
  • Your sleeping position. Put in mind that the main reason why you are feeling that pain is the body pressure exerted to your broken tailbone. You may have solved the problem through the special chair or the soft cushion, but you now have to turn your attention on how you could maintain a good sleep with that broken tailbone. So simply avoid sleeping on your back to prevent exerting pressure on the broken tailbone. Try to content yourself sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

Do not bear the excruciating pain brought by broken tailbone. Ease this pain by following all the above advices.


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