How To Understand Whether Lipozene Works for Weight Loss

Choosing a weight loss supplement can be very difficult especially with the growing numbers of diet pills and obesity drugs introduced in the market today. One of the most recent supplements for weight loss is Lipozene. This Obesity Research Institute, LLC manufactured this dieting supplement, which promises to help one lose weight without the hassle of working out in the gym or cutting down fats and carbohydrates in your meals. But how does Lipozene really work as a weight loss supplement?

Here are some tips on how you could understand whether Lipozene can help you lose weight:

  • Know the claims. According to the official website of Obesity Research Institute, Lipozene, is a 100% natural weight loss supplement. It contains glucomannan as its main ingredient that acts as a sponge to help fight obesity and decrease body weight.
  • Know the ingredients. Lipozene is made from glucomannan, a fiber from the Konjac root. This dietary fiber serves as a sponge in the stomach. Like all natural dietary fibers, glucomannan absorbs water and cholesterol, both good and bad, adding the defecation process while making the person's stomach feeling full as it travels across the stomach to the intestines.
  • Drug action. Lipozene works by releasing the natural fiber called glucomannan inside the digestive tract. It then absorbs many fluids forming a bulk. The fibers also help eliminate fat, thereby decreasing the total cholesterol. Because fiber is its main ingredient, one needs to take a capsule with at least 8oz of water to help the pill take effect. As Lipozene's contents stay inside the stomach, the person taking it will feel bloated and full. This satiety effect will make the person feel less hungry, therefore, decreasing the quantity of food being ingested. The recommended dose is one capsule before every meal.
  • The Effect. Although the product claims to help in weight reduction and prevention of obesity, the weight loss varies depending on the individual. The person may not observe abrupt weight decrease, especially on the first two months of use. This factor often discouraged to continue use, especially because the cost of the supplement is relatively high compared to its very subtle effect in the weight. Another effect of Lipozene is a decrease in constipation. The glucomannan in Lipozene helps cleans the digestive tract by aiding in elimination.
  • The Disclaimer. The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the product itself nor and benefits. Although there are many advertisements about Lipozene, the Federal Trade Commission in US says that there are no clinical data supporting the therapeutic claims.

Lipozene may have ingredients that could help decrease weight, but may not cause an abrupt drop in one's weight. Since the fiber of Konjac roots is its primary ingredient, adding fiber-rich foods in your diet may give the same subtle effects as Lipozene does. For a more visible weight loss effect, combine the use of this dietary supplement with exercise, hydration and proper diet.


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