How To Use a Bowflex Extreme

Working out to build muscle or lose weight is not a joke because you have to exert a lot of effort- like, going to the gym everyday- just to achieve your dream body. However, the use of Bowflex Extreme can make it a little easier for people who go to the gym everyday since this is an equipment meant to be installed at home.

This machine is designed to let you build your muscles. You can do about 60 different types of exercises with it. This is more convenient than going to the gym because with this, you can build your body in any way you want.

Bowflex Extreme is priced at roughly around $2,000. It is quite an expensive piece of equipment but it is sure to bring convenience to people especially if you are going to change from one exercise to another. This is especially true since you do not have to decrease or increase the weight being lifted.

This is because there are power rods in the machine where the pulleys and cables are hooked. So if you want to lift heavier weight, all you have to do is to make the rod diameter wider. Here are the steps on how to use this home gym system.

"No change cable pulley system": With this machine, you do not have to replace the cables and pulleys if you are going to change exercises. This system will help you focus on your chest more, from your upper chest to your lower chest. You can execute the chest press exercise here, as well as the fly exercises. Also, your shoulder muscles can be built using this equipment through shoulder presses, raises, reverse flies and upright exercise.

Leg Exercises: Some people do not focus on their legs because it feels mundane to shift weights where you have to bend all the time. But with this machine, you can use the lower pulleys to be able to execute your leg exercises, such as dead lifts and squats which will help you develop your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Abdominal Exercises: This machine also provides exercises for abdominal muscles. It includes a cushion seat where you can execute your trunk rotations and crunches.

Back Exercises: The bar behind the seat is for you to do a front, back, or reverse lateral pull down exercise that will help you develop your back muscles.

Arm Exercises: The pulley system for your chest and shoulders can also be used to do triceps and biceps exercises. You can do tricep extension and push down, a few curling exercises for your biceps, and wrist curling for your forearm.

If you really want to achieve the body that you want and think that going to the gym is just a waste of time because the gym is far from your place, you can purchase this incredible machine that will provide you with many exercises. Even at home, you can execute the exercises on your own, and also will save you a lot of time from travelling to the gym.


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