How To Use Acupressure for Weight Loss

Similar to acupuncture, the acupressure is a traditional Chinese technique of exerting pressure to several particular pressure points in your body in order to ease different medical conditions. Nowadays, people who want to lose some weight have chosen acupressure for weight loss. With this, acupressure has been an increasingly known technique all over the world. Follow these weight loss tips with the help of acupressure.

  • Before using the acupressure for your weight loss, you have to consult your doctor and discuss its advantages and advantages. Your doctor's opinion is very important because she knows your medical history. Some people are not allowed to undergo acupressure because of past sicknesses.
  • When executing the acupressure, you first need to discover and be knowledgeable on kneading of certain parts of your body such as the hand, ear and foot. You can purchase a reflexology map at stores near you. Utilize the body reflexology map to point out the acupressure points for adrenal glands, stomach, water retention, large intestines and kidneys. For the appetite suppression points, check out the ear reflexology map. Make use of the hand reflexology map to find out the great eliminator point between the web of your index finger and thumb. Learn all your reflexology maps and their equivalent pressure points. After you have familiarized yourself with the pressure points, you can now start. Make sure to keep your reflexology maps with you, for reference.
  • Perform a complete hand and foot massage on your hands and feet. This time, you have to do it gradually. Take your time and enjoy the feeling of being massaged. It will make your muscles relaxed so you can probe pressure points easily.
  • Do not continue when you feel any pain at areas or points. By searching to your reflexology maps, find what body organ corresponds to the particular pressure point. Press the pressure point for at least 30 seconds and then release it.
  •  Hold firmly on the acupressure points for water retention, kidneys, adrenal glands, large intestine, and stomach. Press the pressure point on your ears for appetite suppression. Lastly, push on the great eliminator point on your palm. Press on this pressure point carefully and mildly so it will easily release toxins. On the other hand, pressing it too much can cause you to feel sick.
  • You have to accept the fact that relying on acupressure alone does not give you optimum results when it comes to losing your weight. For you to achieve that healthy and sexy body, you should have a workout plan and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Having a healthy diet can contribute to having a healthy body. This includes fruits, fiber, protein and vegetables. Avoid too much food that is rich in sodium, fats and carbohydrates. Instead of drinking soda and caffeine, opt to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Lastly, working out and exercising will take away your body's toxins. You can do this by going to the gym or simply jog around.

It is true that using acupressure can help you lose weight easily by discharging particular pressure points in your body. You can achieve that healthy and beautiful body by executing the acupressure regularly while incorporating a healthy lifestyle.


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