How To Use Affirmations to Quit Smoking

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If you're like many smokers, you've tried just about everything to break the habit. But the endless streams of nicotine gum and patches have gotten you nowhere. You don't need to invest a fortune in trying to quit smoking. Surprisingly, many have been able to stop smoking without spending a dime. Successful ex-smokers have used what is called the ‘affirmations method' to quit smoking, a positive reminder to yourself that you're making the right choice by quitting smoking. Before you grimace at the idea, read through the steps below on how to use affirmations to quit smoking. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to quit smoking.

Step 1

Don't use negative terms. When you make an affirmation, you are making a positive statement about what you want to achieve. It is not a statement about what you don't want to be, or what you don't want to achieve. An affirmation must be stated in a positive light. For example, you would say "I want to be an ex-smoker" instead of "I don't want to be a smoker". Consider how much more positive the first statement sounds. You also need to commend yourself for your efforts to quit smoking at even the tiniest milestone. You can also do this with an affirmation like "I am going to quit smoking because I've already lowered my habit by half a pack. I am reaching success."  It's that positive attitude that helps you to use affirmations to quit smoking.

Step 2

Give yourself permission to be healthy. You probably already know the devastating effects that smoking has had on your body. You can use an affirmation to reinforce the fact that you are now choosing to be healthy. You could say, "I give myself permission to quit smoking. I deserve health and happiness in my life. I am able to quit smoking and I will lead myself to that success. I vow to stop smoking permanently by (this date), and to never have another cigarette again". This affirmation puts you in the right mindset and it is an encouraging statement whenever you're tempted.

Step 3

Surround yourself with affirmations. Of course, any affirmation will help you to quit smoking. But if you are surrounded by affirmations in your environment, you are constantly reminded of the mission you have given yourself. You can easily do this by simply writing down your affirmations. Use sticky notes or cue cards and paste them around your home and office. Even if you can't say it out loud, you can still read the affirmation to yourself. Doing so will help you to quit smoking because it will be a constant reminder.

Step 4

Use affirmations often. You are not going to quit smoking by using affirmations once or twice. To successfully use affirmations to quit smoking, it needs to be intertwined in your daily life. Say or read positive affirmations every morning, afternoon and evening. Use affirmations when you are alone in your car, or when you're on the treadmill at the gym.

An affirmation is a way of reminding yourself that you're on the right path. Get into the habit of using affirmations often and take note of every small success you make. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can use affirmations to quit smoking.


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Aside from quiting smoking, you can achieve a lot of things through affirmations. Thanks!

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