How To Use PanOxyl

Benzoyl peroxide is useful for bleaching the teeth and hair. It is also used to improve the flour. But this organic compound is more popular for treating acne. There are different concentrations of benzoyl peroxide for treating acne, though. The lowest known is 2.5% and the highest is 10%. PanOxyl is a specific benzoyl peroxide brand that is using a 10% concentration.

According to experts, this higher concentration does not really make the brand more effective than the lower concentrations. But definitely, this product will be more useful for those with non-sensitive yet have severe acne breakouts. So, if you are planning to use this, you better follow the manufacturer's information. If you have a dermatologist, it will be better also to ask her before you apply the product.

PanOxyl can be found in various forms like gels and facial wash. Following are the instructions on how to use the PanOxyl depending on its form:

  • Cleansers. This is one of the most common forms of PanOxyl. Use this like your regular cleanser. It is recommended to use it only once a day for the first week. Use a little amount only so that your skin will get used with the chemicals. Rub the cleanser on your face for about 15 seconds or until a full lather is formed. Rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry. Observe if the cleanser can cause too much dryness. Use lesser amount or use it less frequently when that happens. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer, too, to prevent skin dryness.
  • Cleanse Bar or Liquid Body Wash. Use this as how you would use the usual bath soap or liquid body wash. Use it once a day and as little amount as possible until your skin can tolerate it. Work up to form lather and rise thoroughly. Never let the lather stay on your skin for more than 20 seconds. Never scrub too hard on your skin with that lather. Besides promoting longer contact on skin, this will make the product stronger, too, which might result to too much skin dryness.
  • Shaving Cream. First, wet the area that has to be shaved. Apply a thing layer of PanOxyl by rubbing it on the area. Shave. Rinse the area thoroughly and pat it dry.
  • Gel or Cream.  Apply the PanOxyl gel or cream directly to the affected area. Use as little amount as possible. Let it sit on the skin for about 15 seconds. Rinse the area using a mild cleanser. Thoroughly rinse with water and pat the skin dry. Do this once a day and if not working, apply it twice a day.
  • Medicated Pads Wash the area using a mild cleanser. Thoroughly rinse it with water and pat dry. Wipe the medicated pad on the area. Do this once or twice everyday or as frequently as needed. 

PanOxyl should never get into your eyes or inside your mouth or nose. It should not be applied on broken skin to avoid irritation. That is why be careful when using the PanOxyl in shave cream form. If any of these still happen, immediately flush the affected area with clean water and see your doctor immediately.

Always remember that benzoyl peroxide is a strong compound. Safety is always necessary when applying any product that contains this like the PanOxyl. If irritation occurs even after applying it the proper way, better consult your doctor for more specific advice.


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