How To Use Turquoise Energy

When you look at the color turquoise, you can’t help but feel serene and peaceful. This is because the color comes from one of the sacred stones with the same name. Turquoise, the stone, has been used since the ancient times by different cultures. It is supposed to promote serenity, peace and tranquility.

It is said that turquoise was first used by the Turkish people. In fact, the word turquoise originated from the word Turkois, meaning Turkish. But this is not only important to the Turkish people but also to the Tibetans, Egyptians, Native Americans and the Aztecs. It was and still is utilized as a protective amulet.

Crystal healers often harness turquoise energy. There are different applications for this stone. Here are some of the ways that you too can use the energy derived from turquoise.

  • One of the ways that turquoise is used is for detoxification. Crystal healers use it against different poisons and even for alcohol. If someone is a recovering substance abuser, turquoise is the recommended talisman for him to be around.
  • As a healing amulet, turquoise can be given to individuals who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Generally, you can place turquoise on different parts of the body that need healing. However, it is most effective on the throat area and lungs. Some people believe that turquoise can help heal headaches, asthma, skin problems, infections, teeth problems, hearing issues and many more. It also targets depression because of its uplifting energy. One of the best ways to wear turquoise is to make it part of a necklace, bracelet, anklet or earrings. You can also put it in a small pouch or place the healing stone directly in your pocket.
  • To guard against pollutants found in the environment, wear or carry a turquoise stone when you leave the house.
  • You can also use turquoise energy to repel negativity. If there is someone in your circle whom you feel exudes and spews out negativity at all times, make sure you have or wear your turquoise jewelry around this individual. In your office, you can place a small turquoise tree to promote positive energy and success.
  • When in the middle of a tough decision or if you need some help solving a problem, take out a turquoise stone. This stone improves mental clarity and helps you find creative solutions to your challenges in life. It also promotes honesty and honest communication resulting in strengthened relationships whether it is friendship or love.

Reminder:  All crystals and healing stones in general are employed to help in the healing process. These should never replace a visit to the doctor. Always consult with the doctor or talk to a counselor or psychiatrist for mental or emotional issues that you need help with.

Turquoise energy is believed to bring not only peace, tranquility and serenity, but also good fortune, success and happiness. It repels negative energy and is a great healing stone for people with substance abuse problems. Turquoise also heals and cleanses the body of other ailments. Whether you believe this or not, turquoise is a wonderful stone to wear because of its sheer beauty and elegance.


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