How To Write a Medical Release Form: Writing a Letter

Check out These Medical Letter Writing Tips

Writing a medical release letter

Medical release forms or letters are documents used by schools and sports teams to allow the organization to seek medical assistance for the person in case of accident or emergency. Writing a letter such as this is unlike other letters. These tips will help you write a medical release form. You can create one in a few simple steps. Here's how to write a medical release letter.

  1. Check for a preexisting form. Most organizations including schools, sports teams and employers that require a medical release will provide their own form. Before taking the time to write your own find out if a form already exists. If it doesn’t, you can write your own, just follow the rest of these steps.
  2. Title the form. It needs to be clear in purpose so whether it is a rough form or a letter, you will need a title the release so that it is clearly a medical release.
  3. Address the letter or form. If the release is required by a school and they don’t provide their own preferred form, then it should be addressed to the school since they are the organization being authorized in the release. State clearly the name and address of the organization you are authorizing to seek medical treatment.
  4. Write the statement. The statement must include the following at minimum: your name, your child’s name (if for your child), authorization to physician, dentist and medical personnel to seek immediate attention if you are incapacitated (or if your child is injured when you are not present), the contact information for your primary physician and who to contact in case of emergency.
  5. Include optional medical information. If you (or your child) have any medical conditions that increase their risk of injury or mishap, then state such on the form. Such medical conditions include asthma and allergies.
  6. Have the form notarized. In order to assert the validity of this form at a later time, it will have to be signed, witnessed and notarized. 
  7. Make copies. Original medical release forms should be provided to the school or organization that is being authorized. Copies should be made to save at home, with both parents and with any medical records you keep.

These writing tips should help you create a medical release letter. These are fundamental if you (or your children) are partaking in risky activities. Writing a letter such as this is very important. The delay in medical assistance that could be caused it a parent or relative needs to be found could be devastating in an emergency. Be sure to include all pertinent information in the form and keep a copy for yourself.


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