Kratom Storage Questions: Does Kratom Need to Be Refrigerated?

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Like CBD, Kratom culture is hot here in the United States. There're conflicting arguments about its safety, but opioid users tout Kratom as a relief from drug abuse. 

If you purchase kratom on the regular, stop wasting money, and learn about kratom storage.

Kratom users consume the herb to achieve pain relief and to relieve anxiety. Studies in support of kratom endorse its ability to lift people's moods. The herb also boosts energy, seeing that its leaves have metabolic effects. 

A bigger plus is that Kratom helps with focus. It encourages the brain to release acetylcholine, which works to improve concentration. 

When it comes to Kratom questions, have you asked yourself if your supply needs refrigeration? Well, when it comes to questions about kratom storage, we've got answers. Read these tips.

What is Kratom?

Like many natural herbs, Kratom is a plant with many stimulating properties. It's harvested from a Southeast Asian tree--the Mitragyna Speciosa. 

Kratom grows in a variety of sizes, coloration, and potency. That leads to different variants or strains--green, red, and white Kratom.

The difference in strains happens due to natural genetics and the maturity of the plant. The amount of sunlight also affects the growing process and strength of kratom. 

Kratom Storage: Does Kratom Need Refrigeration?

Where and how to store kratom depends on several different variables. The idea is that wherever or however you store it, you preserve its quality and taste. 

Location and Temperature

It's smart to store your kratom in a dark place where the temperature does not fluctuate. Fluctuating temperatures disturb the quality and longevity of kratom.

Taken from its natural environment, kratom degrades fast. Consider a place where members of your home don't frequent often. Trying storing your supply in a wine cellar or the top shelf of your pantry. 

Type of Light

The longer kratom leaves sit in direct sunlight, the more the plant loses its potency. if you opt not to store it in a dark place, keep it out of direct UV light.

Don't store kratom in your kitchen window. The ultraviolet light from the sun will lessen the natural taste, weakening your supply.


Many kratom users opt for the refrigerator as a dark place to store kratom. The stable temperature in the fridge makes for an ideal location, but the food inside is an enemy. 

Food carries smells--some harsher than others. 

If you store your kratom in the refrigerator, keep it in an airtight container. Storing it in a container keeps it from taking on potent smells from foods like onions and fruits.

Store Your Kratom

If you rely on kratom for its different benefits, keep your supply up. Then, be sure to reference this guide when you have concerns about kratom storage. 

Would you like to learn more about how to do things? We have categorical guides for everything. Come peruse a bit and get in the know for 2020 and beyond. 


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