Ways to Lose Weight: Quick Fat Loss Workouts

Quick fat loss workouts are possible once you know how to put them together and learn how to burn fat. You don't need expensive personal trainers or gym memberships to achieve quick fat loss once you know just a few simple principles and exercises, and you can get started today. By combining two important forms of exercise, you will increase your health, stamina, and energy while decreasing your weight and size. (If you really want to lose fat quickly without cardio exercise, I recommend reading Turbulance Training, a fantastic book by a Men's Health expert.) 

There are two basic forms of exercises to lose weight. Walking, or cardio workouts, and lifting weights are all you need for your workout program. The principle you want to remember here is to boost your metabolism and get it to burn calories faster and more efficiently. The more calories you burn, the faster you lose weight. Start with a walking program. One to two miles each workout is enough to get the body burning energy. Two miles can be walked at a brisk pace in around 30 minutes.

Just remember to keep it brisk and keep your heart rate up - this will keep the fat burning. Another principle of walking is interval training. This is simply alternating your pace of walking. Mix faster periods of walking in with slower speeds, and you have a good workout that will give you quick fat loss. Interval training can be as simple as one minute of fast for every five minutes of a slower pace. Keep it brisk, but notice the change in pace. The change is what boosts metabolism, allows you to burn fat faster, and it decreases the chances of you becoming bored with the workout.

Next is lifting weights. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so when you increase muscle in your body, you increase your metabolism and burn calories faster. Start with weights of 3, 5, and 10 pounds. Work with the 3 and 5 pound weights until it becomes easier, and then begin adding in the 10 pound weights. Do bicep curls by holding the 5 pound weights in your palms, and lift them to your chest. Twelve repetitions, done twice is enough to establish tone in as few as 4 weeks. Hold 3 or 5 pound weights, spread your feet, and squat down twelve times each for 2 periods, keeping your arms at your sides. Add twelve sit ups and twelve pushups, remembering to do each set twice, and you have a quick, efficient workout. Alternate the walking days with weight days. This gives your muscles a chance to recover in between, which is important in building strength and fat loss.

As you burn fat after walking for weight loss and strength training, you'll want to continue building your endurance with more intense cardio exercise. Jogging and running will make your workout program even more effective, and you lose body fat if you keep up your routine in the long term.  


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