How To Understand Radiation Protection Products

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The effects of constant EMF, electromagnetic field and radiation exposure on people's health are still a concern. Results of studies written in articles about radiation dosimetry have indicated that electric fields that are emitted by household appliances and wiring may affect the production of some neurohormones, and disrupt sleep patterns, that there is greater concern for people to be conscious of radiation safety from overexposure to all kinds of radiation including dental x-rays, cell phone radiation, and nuclear radiation.

The principle of radiation protection is to increase your distance from the source, reduce your exposure time to a radiation source and wear the proper shielding and protective equipment. Here is a list of various radiation protection products in the market that may be used to offset your increased risk to radiation exposure.

For patients and staff frequently exposed to x-ray technology, like radiology technicians and dental x-ray staff in imaging clinics, hospitals, and radioisotope research facilities, there is radiation protective apparel like:

  • Lead aprons
  • Lead racks and hangers
  • Radiation-resistant surgical gloves
  • Lead glasses and lead masks
  • Dental lead aprons for adults, children, and technicians

For various needs for x-ray protection in professions involving surgery and construction, companies produce:

  • Lead aprons
  • Lead glasses and goggles, prescription x-ray protection lead glasses
  • Lead gloves and mittens, radiation attenuating surgical gloves
  • Leaded acrylic face shields and protective masks
  • Thyroid collars
  • Gonad shields
  • Lead curtains
  • Mobile barriers and adjustable mobile shields
  • Shelving and racks
  • Control booths
  • Glass clear Pb and frames
  • Adjustable scatter shields
  • Protective blankets
  • Lead vinyls
  • Lead doorway curtains and room divider curtains
  • Blockers

Architects radiation protection materials required in technical projects requiring shielding include:

  • Lead shielding for floors
  • Neutron shielded doors and frames
  • Solid core wood, steel strapped and lead lined doors
  • Leaded glass and acrylic
  • Gypsum boards and plywood with lead lining
  • Lead lined frames for borrowed lites and doors
  • Pass boxes

For drug-delivery technology and human modeling there are:

  • Herbal radioprotectors from plants
  • Oral decorporation formulations
  • Protective clothing for Medical Quick Reaction Teams
  • Skin decorporation kitsused to wash off radioactivity

As an immune system booster, Teslar technology has introduced the Teslar Watch that can help significantly decrease stress levels caused by extremely low frequencies and electromagnetic fields.

Radiation exposure is inevitable since we are constantly exposed to natural radiation coming from high-voltage power transmission lines, building materials like granite and marble, the soil, cell phone towers, and excessive radiation coming from various sources. We regularly are in contact with electromagnetic fields that are present wherever there is electricity. Our bodies are exposed to charged particles in motion that generate magnetic and electric fields, and fields of radiation from radio, TV, and microwave appliances.

Scientists continue to use radiation dosimetry to measure and calculate the dose of exposure to ionizing and nuclear radiation to create more radiation protection products for radiation safety. To know more about new products and discoveries that may suit your needs, there are articles with scientific data and proof of product effectiveness available online.


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