How To Shave Ten Pounds Off Your Weight

The Extreme Method

Girl losing weight

Losing weight should always be performed under the healthiest conditions possible. Set a weight goal. Take it slow. And when you hit your target weight, stay at your target weight. 

But, ten pounds isn’t an unhealthy amount of weight to lose in a fairly short period of time. I have several ideas that need to be performed simultaneously. Each idea comes from positive experiences I have had with weight loss in the past.

  1. Drink prune juice and a shot of vinegar. The first thing you have to do is actually a very uncomfortable experience, from beginning to end. But, it won’t kill you unless you have a lethal allergy to either prune juice or vinegar. The fact is that the regulation of your digestive system is the first thing you need to control. A shot of vinegar with a nice 12-ounce glass of prune juice in the morning will have you visiting the bathroom all day long. Don’t plan on going anywhere unless you absolutely have to go. Just think of every trip to the bathroom as more weight you lose. Drink another 12-ounce. glass of prune juice in the afternoon. Repeat the prune juice and vinegar routine every day until you reach your ten pounds, most likely two days if you properly follow the rest of the program.
  2. Eat only fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables are commonly known as negative calorie foods. They contain calories. There’s no food that doesn’t. But in digesting them, you burn more calories than you gain by eating them. A 1000-calorie fruit bowl might burn 1500 calories during digestion. You burned 500 calories just eating the food. Such negative calorie foods are apples, oranges, strawberries or lettuce, celery and carrots. Any search engine search for "negative calorie foods" should produce plenty of websites with lists of foods you can eat to get a decent variety while you are losing the weight.
  3. Drink only water. Water is a natural fat burner and I’m almost positive that I’m not the first person to say that. Other than the prune juice and the vinegar, make sure you only drink water when you are thirsty. You will be more than thirsty on the first day because you will feel yourself wanting more than normal amounts to drink. Make sure you have 32 ounces of water and a 32-ounce backup. Keep rotating them and drink all you want. Just don’t make yourself sick. Throwing up to lose weight is not a part of this program or any program I advocate.
  4. Make yourself sweat and spit. You don’t have to have an Everlast sweat jacket and sweat pants like me or a belt that draws the water right out of your waist. Simply bundle up and make sure you stay active for a good part of your day. Your first day, you won’t be in much shape to do any sweating or spitting. But, your bodily functions will solidify enough by the next day that you will start making regular (albeit more frequent than normal) trips to the bathroom. In other words, you’ll be able to time when your next bathroom break will arrive. So in the meantime, get some sweat out of your body and spit as much as you possibly can. Don't overdo it. You can dehydrate yourself. But, that's why you always have enough water on hand. This is an old high school wrestler’s trick and I’ve seen them shed significant pounds in just a day right before their weigh-in was scheduled.

Losing ten pounds fast is not the ideal way to shed those pounds. This weight loss program is only to be used for a short amount of time and for as much as 10 pounds. Each portion of it works individually and should be used in a comfortable manner over time as you work toward your goal. When you exercise, make yourself sweat. When you eat, eat healthy. You should always drink plenty of water, but normally you can have other things to drink. This particular program is for a crash course that should only take two or three days tops. Any more than that can be hazardous to your health and should only be done at your own rational discretion.


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I think it is an interesting article since when we are looking for some help to lose weight, maybe those tricks can be very useful. It is true that we should keep a healthy life, however, there are some times we cannot and we find (in this kind of diet) something that produces at least some relief and the force to continue.

By Alexandra Castillo

What's the point of losing 10 pounds if you can't KEEP it off? Yo-yo dieting destroys your metabolism and your hope for ever living a healthy life with permanent weight loss. There is a much better way - focus on living a healthy life and learn how to enjoy it.

By Andrea Albright