How To Use Simple Dry Mouth Remedies

Dry mouth syndrome is a condition wherein you have an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth because of the lack of saliva or saliva production. This condition is also known as Xerostomia. There are many different causes for Xerostomia. Some of these may include medical conditions, side effects of different types of medication, stress, anxiety and smoking habits. There is no real cure or treatment for this condition. There are only some ways for you to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth to make yourself more comfortable.

Here are some of the remedies for dry mouth syndrome:

  1. Drink Water. You can drink water or sugarless liquids to be able to increase the production of saliva in your mouth and get relief. Water that you drink will be absorbed into the bloodstream. The body will excrete the excess fluids, and the excretory system will increase activity. This includes the salivary glands. Drinking lots of fluids is also advisable for women that are going through pregnancy, as this is one of the causes for dry mouth.
  2. Chew Gum, Mints or Use Mouthwash. For temporary remedies, you can choose from various products, such as gum, mints and mouthwash. Some of the products that you can buy are Biotene mouthwash or the dry mouth gum, Therabreath ZOX Mints, Thayers Sugar-free Citrus Dry Mouth Lozenges and Xylitol Gum Power Bite. There is no known cure for dry mouth, and these remedies just provide you with temporary relief.
  3. Saliva Substitute. You can also choose to buy saliva substitutes in drug stores. Some of the well known saliva substitutes are Optimoist and Salavart. These saliva substitutes help the mouth to produce more saliva. They also help in restoring moisture inside the mouth.
  4. Acupuncture. This is a non-traditional remedy that may help in dry mouth. There are pressure points on the neck and on the back that may help in the production of saliva. This treatment is especially helpful for people who have dry mouth syndrome because of a medical condition.
  5. Oral Prescription Medication. If your dry mouth syndrome is severe, your doctor might provide you with a prescription for your condition. The medication will not get rid of the dry mouth syndrome. It will only help induce the production of saliva inside the mouth.
  6. Avoid Dry Mouth Triggers. There are also certain things to avoid when you have dry mouth syndrome. If you are a smoker, there is an increased chance that you will have dry mouth syndrome. Avoid smoking to be able to restore the saliva production in your mouth. Also, avoid breathing through the mouth and use the nose. You can also use a tongue scraper to avoid dryness in the mouth.

Here are some of the remedies for dry mouth syndrome. Choose the best option that you think will help you alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth. Some of these remedies might not work for some. You can also seek the help of a doctor to be able to get the right treatment for your condition.


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