Sorry, What? How To Improve Your Ear Health

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Most people cherish listening to music and having a stimulating conversation with friends. 

If you don't take care of your ear health, then those activities could become a distant memory.

Here are some tips to help you ensure you can listen to your favorite band forever. 

Use Ear Plugs

Prolonged exposure to loud constant noises can cause hearing loss. Even if a sound doesn't sound particularly loud to you, your ears probably need protection.

Earplugs are cheap and easy to acquire from any local drugstore or retailer. More expensive earplugs allow you to hear conversations while filtering out sharp loud sounds.

Turn Down the Music

Earbuds pose a specific danger to children since the audio is projected directly into the eardrum.

Over 12% of children experience hearing loss as a result of loud music. 

One way to remedy this is by employing the 60/60 rule. A person should listen to music through headphones at 60% of the volume for 60 minutes total in a day.

Regardless of the event, if music causes people to shout, then it's too loud. 

Do Not Put Anything in Your Ear

Putting cotton swabs in your ear can only do damage. Our ears produce and need wax to keep our ears safe and clean. 

Using cotton swabs can push the wax deep into your ear canal or perforate the eardrum. 

It's not bad to remove excess wax from your ear, but it should be done carefully and preferably by a professional. You can learn more about ear wax removal.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Bacteria thrive in water. Public swimming pools carry all kinds of unknown contaminants. 

Avoid ear infections by drying your ears after swimming or a bath. If you can feel the water in your ear, tilt your head and gently pull on your ear lobe. This should free the water.

Get a Regular Ear Health Check-Up

Hearing loss can be correlated with depression, heart disease, and dementia. Catch the early signs by asking your doctor to include hearing screenings in your annual check-up.

Start Exercising

Take a holistic approach to your ear health and start exercising. Circulation helps your body parts function at optimal levels - this includes your ears.

If you wear headphones, remember to keep the volume down. Headphones and earbuds are not recommended for outdoor exercise. 

Improve Your Own Hearing

Try a simple focus exercise to improve hearing.

Place two separate sources of noise in the same room at different locations. Close your eyes and have someone talk to you at a comfortable level while they move around the room.

Doing this exercise can help a person hone their hearing focus and skills; however, hearing loss should be consulted with a professional.

Give Your Ears a Break

Loud parties or bars can damage hearing. Take a break and step away to a quiet room or area outside. You'll thank yourself the next day.

Save Your Hearing

Chances are you want to keep your hearing for years to come. Your ear health will decide if you can make that next great concert. Avoid needing hearing aids in the future.

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