Treat Rosacea

Rosacea is a medical skin condition that is characterized by redness on the areas of the face. It is also characterized by the presence of pimples. This condition can affect men and women, usually aged between 30 to 60. In most cases, rosacea affects the cheeks, the nose and the forehead. In some cases, the rosacea can spread to the neck and chest area.

Some of the symptoms of rosacea include redness or flushing on the face and neck, dry facial skin, pimples, red lines and bumps on the nose. The person can also experience itching, stinging or burning sensation on the affected regions.

Here are some tips on how to treat rosacea:

  1. Dermatologist. If you suspect that you have rosacea, the first thing that you should do is to visit your dermatologist immediately. Rosacea is a condition that cannot be cured but there are some treatments available to make the symptoms disappear or be more bearable for you. The rosacea can become worse if not treated immediately. The treatment depends on the condition of the skin.
  2. Oral Antibiotics. If you have rosacea, one of the things that the doctor can prescribe is oral antibiotics. The dosage for the antibiotics is determined based on the severity of the rosacea. You should always let your dermatologist check your skin before drinking medicines. You should not self medicate. You may take oral antibiotics for a few months until the symptoms subside.
  3. Antibiotic Gels or Creams. The dermatologist can also prescribe antibiotic gels, acne creams for acne control together with the oral antibiotics. This will lessen the redness on the face area and the skin will improve with time. It is important not to use other skin care products when you are using acne creams to treat antibiotic gels as other skin care products may further irritate your skin.
  4. Green Tea Cream. If you want to try a natural treatment for rosacea, you can use green tea cream for skin care. Some of the elements of green tea are said to reduce the inflammation of the bumps on the skin caused by rosacea. Green tea cream is also used as an acne cure.
  5. Azelaic Acid. This acne cream is made from barley, wheat and rye. It has some ingredients that help in lessening the growth of bacteria on the skin. When used as a cream to treat rosacea, the azelaic acid reduces the redness and the bumps that grow on the face.
  6. Surgery. On severe cases of rosacea where the face is affected, dermatologists can recommend undergoing laser surgery. This is to be able to remove the enlarged blood vessels that cause the red bumps and redness of the skin. These are removed by using a very fine electric needle or with laser surgery.

These are some of the treatments that can help alleviate the symptoms of rosacea. If you suspect that you have this condition, have yourself checked so that the symptoms will not worsen. The earlier that you detect rosacea, the easier it is for the doctor to treat. You can get more information from the website for information on acne skins, acne cure and rosacea.


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