How To Compare Types of Hydration Systems

Many people enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and running. However, some of them don't realize the importance of keeping hydrated all the time. For your information, keeping hydrated is necessary for everybody, particularly for people who are always active, the athletes. The old water bottles are things of the past. What's in demand today is the use of the hydration system. A hydration system is equipment meant to promote drinking among users by providing sufficient liquid so the person will not experience rapid dehydration while playing outdoor activities. The benefits of using a hydration system are plenty, and that's why you need to find time to look for one that's best for you. Hydration systems come in different designs, functions and sizes. The bladder design is the most common for hydration systems. If you want to know what type of hydration system is suitable for your needs, then the following tips might help you:

  1. Hip-bottle pack. These hydration systems are perfect for runners. It has a hydration tube that lets the runners sip liquid without taking out a water bottle. Most hip-bottle packs are designed to hold a smaller bottle, and that's why it's perfect for long hours of running.

  2. Handheld water bottles. This type pf hydration system is considered to be the easiest to fill. You just need to look for a handheld water bottle that is adjustable and that fits your hands.

  3. Hydration backpack. This type of hydration system allows athletes to keep hydrated all the time. Why? Because there is enough room to hold large amounts of fluid. There is no need to worry where to get the next supply of liquid. Moreover, it has enough room for other things too such as food, clothes or gadgets. The features you need to look for in a hydration backpack are:

    • Amount of water it can hold - it should hold 70-128 ounces of fluid
    • Weight -it should be lightweight
    • Pockets - it should have main and side pockets
    • Cost - look for a high quality yet reasonably priced hydration backpack
    • Sternum belt
    • Waist belt

There are many brands to choose from. There are CamelBak, Capital Safety, Hydrapak, MPACK endurance gear, Mountain Safety Research, Nalgene, Never Reach, Platypus and Source Vagabond Systems among others. It is also important to consider buying water hydration accessories to keep your hydration system clean and functional, such as bite tubes, tube brushes and repair kits. Invest in those things to keep your hydration system functional all the time.

Before buying a particular hydration system, you need to look for important details and specifications first. It is also necessary to read reviews from magazines, newspapers, websites and the like. It will surely help you settle on what type of hydration system is right for you. Invest in a good hydration system and enjoy every minute of your outdoor activity.


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