How To Wear a Chastity Belt

It doesn't matter whether the wearer is male or female - there are chastity belts for everyone.  Chastity belts are used for many different reasons, and for each of those reasons there is a different type of belt.

Be very thoughtful when choosing a belt.  Chastity belts come in many different shapes and sizes, some with optional holsters for dildos or plugs,  some with openings for urination and defecation, and still others that are completely locked up tight for complete control.  Remember to make sure the belt fits properly and does not create extreme discomfort or pain.  If fitting for a male belt, you must leave plenty of room for circulation.  However, if at anytime the wearer feels tingling or numbness near or below the below the chastity belt, remove the belt immediately.

Chastity belts are most easily put on with the assistance of a partner, because of the placement of buckles and locks that may not be easily reached by the wearer.  If the belt is leather, it is recommended that the wearer has showered and his skin is dry to help keep the leather clean.  If the belt has metal in it, or is completely metal, then it is recommended to wear something underneath to reduce chafing and discomfort.  Silk and satin both are good and look sexy, but good old cotton will offer the best protection and padding.  Baby powder is also recommended to keep down chafing and keep the wearer dry.

Depending on the level of control the wearer is under, using the bathroom may be a concern.  Quite a few different styles of both male and female chastity belts have openings for urination. However, a word of caution: keeping clean during this type of play is very important in preventing infections.  Women have to be extra careful because they have a higher risk of urinary tract infections than men.

There are many different cages or chastity belts for men; some are even composed entirely of plastic so that going through metal detectors, like at airports, can be embarrassment free.  When wearing a cage like this to prevent arousal in the male wearer, remember to keep him clean and comfortable.  If at any time the penile region becomes swollen or sore, remove the cage immediately.  The same can be said for female wearers of leather belts.  Plastic tags and locks can be used for privacy so that the wearer is not embarrassed.


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