How To Make Homemade Gifts: Magnet Pouches

Homemade gifts are personal and unique. They can also be good for your bank account. Make them when you're broke, or when you just want to expand your creativity. Any time's a good time for gifts.


Magnet pouches:

  1. Use colored baking clay to make personalized magnets for friends and family members.

  2. Buy clay from art stores, and mold it into different shapes such as mini figurines, objects, plants, etc.

  3. Once ready, bake the shapes following instructions (usually 15 minutes at 275 F degrees) and let cool.

  4. Glue store-bought sticky magnets to the back of the shapes, and they're ready to be wrapped in little bags.

  5. Gather the tops of the bags, and finish off by tying decorative ribbons in a knot. Patterned initial magnets make good gifts. Below are more ideas for magnet shapes:

For the girl friend:

  • Red Stiletto
  • Martinis
  • Bikini
  • Flowers


For the little boy:

  • Soccer ball
  • Dotted Dinosaur
  • Rocket
  • Spaceship


For the little girl:

  • Ballerina shoe
  • Pink hearts
  • Teddy bear
  • Doll


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