How To Make Homemade Gifts: Scrapbook

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Homemade gifts are personal and unique. They can also be good for your bank account. Make them when you're broke, or when you just want to expand your creativity. Any time's a good time for gifts.

How To Make a Scrapbook:

Nothing is more sincere than a well put-together scrapbook.

  1. Dig up photos from your albums, sort them, and make printouts of the ones you want to use.

  2. Get a pair of good scissors, colored and patterned paper, drawing pens, stickers if you like, and other decorative craft goods (i.e. confetti, ribbons, buttons, rubber stamps, decorative paper punches, embellishments, glitter, etc.).

  3. Start snipping and pasting. The fun part about scrapbooks is that they bring back happy memories.

  4. Writing little notes beside each picture not only reminds the recipient about things that happened, but will be marked in the book for years to come. Make the most of it by sharing your thoughts in this item worth treasuring.


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