How To Make Homemade Gifts: Cuppa

Homemade gifts are personal and unique. They can also be good for your bank account. Make them when you're broke, or when you just want to expand your creativity. Any time's a good time for gifts.



The English drink a lot of tea. Not only is it fragrant, it's also pretty darn therapeutic.

  1. For this gift, you need a medium-sized mug, good quality tea bags, some sugar cubes (or a sugarcoated stirrer if you prefer), a mini jar of honey, and cookies (or "tea biscuits" if you'd rather).

  2. Place everything in the mug leaving the cookies on top so they don't crush.

  3. Wrap with clear plastic paper, and decorative tissue.

  4. Add the finishing touch with a bow. Voila, you have the perfect gift for Aunt Rose.



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