Homemade Gifts: Make a Personalized T-Shirt Design

Get Tips on Designing T-Shirts for Personalized Gifts

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Homemade gifts are personal and unique. They can also be good for your bank account. Make them when you're broke, or when you just want to expand your creativity. Any time's a good time for gifts. 

If you're looking for some ideas, try making a personalized T-shirt. There are two ways byou can go about it; both are listed below:


  1. All you need is some iron-on paper, plain colored T-shirts, and a printer (that supports the use of iron-ons).

  2. Print out funny words, pictures, or designs from your computer on the iron-on paper.

  3. Place the shirt on a flat ironing board, and carefully iron over the image so it adheres to the fabric. The image should appear exactly the same way it was placed.

  4. Once you peel of the transparent layer, let the shirt cool. It's an instant gift! Some ideas for words are: "I'm with Stupid (with an arrow pointing to the left/right)," "Ugly but adorable," and "I love..." Be creative. This is a fun, yet simple method for clothing design.

Old Fashioned

  1. This t-shirt design method involves hand painting the designs. As for the old fashioned way, you will need some plain colored T-shirts, fabric paint, and rubber stamps. With this, you are slightly limited in terms of creativity because every image you create will be a replica of the stamp.

  2. Prepare paint in bowls, and lay the T-shirt on a flat surface.

  3. Dip the stamps into the paint and carefully stamp the bottom lining of the shirt (or anywhere else you prefer; the tip here is to stamp pictures in such a way that the design is aesthetically pleasing. Unlike tie dye, prints have to appear in areas where they can be seen, and understood). For example, a large flower print can appear right in the middle or the bottom right/left.

T-shirts make great personalized gifts and they're relatively easy to create. Good luck!



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