How To Make Your Own Personalized Hair Pins

You will need:

  • Hair pins
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Superglue Gel

Decorative motives (such as):

  • Clay miniatures
  • Pom poms
  • Mini silk flowers
  • Tiny ribbons
  • Colorful Buttons

    Using a needle and thread, attach decorative motives onto plain hairpins. This project's easy as pie.

  1. Start by looping your thread through the needle hole, and knotting it. You may use a slightly thicker thread for security but it has to be able to go through the needle hole; because your needle must be thin enough to loop through the blunt edge of the hairpin.

  2. Sew a basic stitch onto a fabric-type motive. If you're using a button, just loop through the button hole a few times to secure the thread.

  3. Begin looping needle + motive through the end of your hairpin. Make a few tight loops before knotting it.

  4. Cut the string off and voila you have a brand new decorated hair pin!

  5. To attach clay miniatures, use gel-type superglue because it's stronger than the liquid kind. Despite that, they're still more fragile than the sewn-on types. Just make sure not to drop pins on the floor.


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