How To Find Scrapbooking Ideas

  1. Flip through magazines. Some magazines offer more ideas on crafts than others. Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living (although not specifically about scrapbooking) are examples of magazines that offer good step-by-step craft ideas on a monthly basis. By learning different ways to be artsy you will eventually gain your own scrapbooking ideas. If you need more straightforward ideas, choose magazines such as Creating Keepsakes or Simple Scrapbooks. This latter selection offers more specific scrapbooking ideas for fanatics. You will find a variety of tips and opinions on the topic. Subscribing is often cheaper than buying from newsstands. If you are planning on making scrapbooking your long-term hobby, it may be a good choice to subscribe.

  2. Visit a paper craft store. When you enter a paper craft store you are bound to find a section dedicated to scrapbooking. First, check out the store layout. Then pay attention to decorations, and colors around the store. Basically, you are looking around for ideas. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from just being there; feel the texture and thickness of different types of papers, pick from an array of embellishments, and look for other potential scrapbooking materials. If you need assistance, talk to a trained sales person in the store. Most of them are more than happy to provide you with tips on color coordination, product quality and other important scrapbooking methods. Don't be shy; bring a pen and notepad if you must.

  3. Create a scrapbooking club. Gather a bunch of friends who are all interested in scrapbooking and have monthly meetings. During your first meeting, brainstorm together on what you can do to create the perfect scrapbook. Although everyone should be creating his/her own individual scrapbook, it doesn't hurt to share ideas. First get everyone to say words related to the topic and write them on a visible whiteboard. Together as a team, slowly draw ideas from those words. By the end of the first meeting, everyone should have sufficient ideas to start scrapbooking. Gather again in a month and share half-completed scrapbooks with everyone. Try encouraging constructive feedback within the group by chatting. That way everyone goes home with more ideas on how to complete the scrapbooks. Of course you should all meet again to share your masterpieces.

  4. Join a paper craft class. Some places offer paper craft classes. If you are not too confident in your scrapbooking skills and feel like you need guidance, join a class! Not only will you pick up new tips, it is an enjoyable learning experience. Before you join, ask if there are any classes specifically for scrapbooking. An example of a place that offers classes on paper crafts is Paper-source. Classes there are slightly pricey, so it is up to you to decide whether or not you need them to begin with. Call the instructor to find out if there are classes on scrapbooking.


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