How To Make Glycerin Soap: Melt and Pour Method

Gather Your Ingredients and Tools and Let's Start Making Soap

Soap bar with honey and lemon

Glycerin soap is easy and fun to make with the melt and pour method. With melt and pour soap making, you're basically taking a chunk of unscented, colorless soap and melting it down to make new bars. 

Glycerin is a natural by-product of soap making, but commercial soap manufacturers remove it for use in lotions and creams because it attracts moisture to the skin. When you use glycerin soap, you'll find that it's less drying on your skin. Making this soap can be lots of fun, and it's a very simple process. All of the equipment and supplies you'll need can be purchased at a craft store. 

Here's how to make a moisture-rich soap.

What you'll need

  • Glycerin soap base (either clear or opaque)
  • Melt and pour soap making molds, in your choice of shapes and sizes
  • Sharp knife
  • Large metal pot
  • Large glass or Pyrex measuring cup
  • Metal spoons
  • Rubbing alcohol, in a spray bottle
  • Soap dye
  • Fragrance oil, or essential oil

How to make glycerin soap:

  1. Cut enough of the glycerin soap base to fill your molds. Chop the soap base into small pieces to facilitate even melting.
  2. Fill the pot about halfway full with water. On the stove, bring the water to a low simmer.
  3. Place your chopped soap bits into the measuring cup; place the cup in the simmering water. Allow the soap base to melt slowly, stirring occasionally and gently. Too much or too vigorous stirring will cause air bubbles.
  4. When your soap base is almost completely melted, remove the measuring cup from the water and continue to stir gently until the base is totally liquefied.
  5. Add your soap dye and fragrance oil. For both, add a few drops at a time until the desired color and scent are achieved.
  6. Pour the colored and scented soap into the molds. Fill the molds right to the top. Spray the tops of the poured soap lightly with rubbing alcohol. This will help to prevent too many air bubbles from forming on the soap.
  7. Set the soap molds aside to allow the soap to harden. This process doesn't take too long, but you can safely leave it out overnight if you'd like to.
  8. Once the soap has set, turn the molds over and pop your bars out. You can clean up any jagged edges with the back of a hot spoon (run the spoon under hot water for a few minutes, then dry it off), or with a vegetable peeler. Your soap is now ready to use!
  9. If you're not using the glycerin soap immediately, wrap it securely in plastic wrap for storage.

Once you have the basics of melt and pour soap making down, you can start doing more creative things like making layered soap, or adding glitter and other fun things to your bars. Making soap can be a great group project and even lead to great gifts of handmade soaps. Experiment and enjoy!


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