How To Play Solitaire

Solitary is a one-person game played with a standard deck of cards with jokers removed.  The objective is to accumulate the cards into four piles arranged by suit, starting with Aces and finishing with Kings, in the manner described below.

  1. Setting up.  Deal a single face up card onto the table, and then deal six face-down cards so that all seven cards are in a horizontal row.  Deal a face-up card onto the second pile, and then a face-down card on all the remaining piles (6 cards total).  Continue from the third pile to the seventh, so that the seventh row has six face-down cards and one face-up.  The remaining cards are set aside in a stockpile.

  • You may move cards between verticals columns of cards at any time, as long as the moved card is moving under a card of one higher rank and a different color.  For example, a red 7 may only move under a black 8, and a Black Queen may only move under a red King.  You may also move groups of cards together.
  • Anytime a face-down card is the highest card in its pile, you may flip it face-up.
  • When a pile is exhausted of cards, Kings may be moved into the empty space.
  • Whenever an ace is revealed, it is moved into one of four piles of cards above your original vertical rows, organized by suit.  This is called the aces area.
  • You may put deuces of the same suit as any revealed ace on that ace.  You can add cards to the aces area if they are one numerical rank higher than any card in that area.  For example, a Two of Clubs can only be put on the Ace of Clubs, and the Ten of Hearts can only be put on the Nine of Hearts.
  • When you have no cards to move between rows, reveal, or move into the aces area, you may reveal the top card of your stockpile and move it onto the board or into the aces area.  If a revealed card is not playable, you may put it at the bottom of your stockpile and reveal the next card.
  • You win when all cards are moved into the aces area.  When you cannot move any cards between rows, reveal cards, move cards into the aces area, or use any cards in your stockpile the game ends.

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